24 Sep

Ways to avoid and recover from a Jet lag

By: Maya Jacobs

It is pretty much common knowledge that a long haul flight automatically means jet lag. Don’t we all just hate this aspect of traveling? The physical and mental exhaustion after a flight is something we all wish to avoid. There are many effective ways to avoid a jet lag. I say that with experience. But what do you do when you end up with a jet lag? Here the question arises, is there a Jet lag cure? I would say yes, there is. Below mentioned are ways to not only avoid jetlag but also some pretty useful jet lag cures.

The Sunlight Remedy

Sunlight is a very effective jet lag cure. When you reach your hotel room or home after a flight, open all the windows to let the sun rays come in. Or walk around in the sun. This will help your body adjust to the changing time zone.

Say no to alcohol

Wouldn’t it be great that you aren’t massively drained after a flight? To make sure your mind stays active, do not drink alcohol during the flight. It will make the jet lag worse. So whenever you are offered a drink, resist the urge to have it. Get a juice instead.

Caffeine is your enemy

Is caffeine a jet lag cure? The answer to that is a big fat no. Tea and coffee contains caffeine and it will only mess up your sleeping pattern.

Stay Fit

Stay Fit
People who are generally physically fit don’t need to worry much about jet lag. Make sure you exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and stay in good shape. This tip will not only help avoid jet lag but will also have a positive impact overall.

Prepare your body beforehand

It really helps if you start preparing your body beforehand to the changing time zone. Whichever country you are traveling to, adjust yourself as close to its time zone as possible. This way your body will not react that strongly when you are actually there.

Water is your friend

Consider caffeine your enemy and water your friend. If you play by this rule, things will be a lot easier for you. Have plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This will help overcome the exhaustion too.

Don’t be lazy

Do not confine yourself to the seat. Make sure you move around once every hour and stretch your legs from time to time. If you don’t do this, you will get stiff legs or a stiff back. This will worsen the jet lag.

Short Naps

Short Naps
Don’t sleep for too long. Take short naps instead, especially if you are arriving at your destination at night time.

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