18 Sep

Where to go in September: Top 10 Destinations

By: Maya Jacobs

As August ended, some return from their vacation trips while others are still on the planning stage or thinking of just postponing it to next year. If you fall in the latter category, I feel it is my duty to help you plan a vacation because delaying a trip to next year is not something I support. You must get over the laziness and follow the “Just do it” rule. September is a great month to travel and it is never too late to plan a holiday trip.

1) Less Crowded Beaches – Can it get any Better?

I consider September an ideal time to travel. It is a time when most people return home after their vacation trips. Ideal tourist destinations are slowly getting empty from the hustle and bustle of tourists. Fiji is one such place. July and start august are peak seasons for travelers to visit this island. If you plan to go in September, it will most definitely work in your favor. You can enjoy the less crowded beaches, hotels and resorts. Snorkeling, fishing, parks and endless natural beauty, Fiji is an amazing holiday destination.

2) Asia’s Heaven – Thailand

Thailand is said to be Asia’s top tourist destination. Discover the unique culture, visit the breathless Phi Phi and Phuket islands and explore the country’s exotic capital city; Bangkok. Good news is that the hotel prices and airfares go down in the month of September and visiting at this time of the year is not only fun but really economical too.

3) As Cool as it gets – Iceland

This place is as cool as the name suggests. The biggest plus is that the climate here in September is great. You can enjoy whale watching, see the fascinating underground springs and thermal pools and explore the vast landscapes.

4) The Wild and Thrilling Barbados

In September, Barbados hosts many festivals and therefore becomes an excellent destination to visit. Enjoy the bars, clubs, beaches, concerts and this might just be the most fun holiday ever taken.

5) The next in Holiday Destination – Ecuador

Ecuador is still in the process of becoming popular for traveling. But it certainly has the potential to become a top tourist destination in near future. It is South America’s fast developing place and a trip to explore it will not be regretted.

6) European Vacations – Poland

European Vacations
Europe is amazing. However, there is no denying that it is relatively expensive for vacations. But where there is a will, there is a way. Head down to Poland, a country located in Eastern Europe. Poland’s capital, Warsaw is pretty spectacular and dynamic.

7) Be the Closest to Nature – Amelia Island, Florida

Book a condo in Amelia Island and enjoy a relaxing holiday at one of the most beautiful and serene places of United States. You will be the closest to nature here.

8) Explore South Africa

South Africa
South Africa is a nice country to visit all year round and so is the case in September. Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg are the most visited cities of this country.

9) Hiking on the Inca Trail – Peru

Inca Trail Peru
Peru is a hot place but September is not too bad. Here you can enjoy the ancient ruins and hike on the famous Inca trail.

10) Endless Beauty – Switzerland

Switzerland needs no introduction. The world raves about its beautiful lakes, mountains and heavenly surroundings. September is an ideal month to visit and discover this amazing Swiss country.

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