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First and Business Class Tickets to Melbourne

Fly with and find a range of cheap business class flights to Australia. We make sure that our clients receive the best of discounts from our wide variety of airlines and destinations. We believe that everyone deserves to fly first and business class; we just make it happen for a lot less than what it costs. All you have to do to get your free rate quote is to call us or fill an online form and then choose from the different combinations we present to you based on your requirements. First class flights to Melbourne are one of our top searches during the holiday seasons and families aren’t happier when they get to travel in style for up to 70% off.

We are the top choice of most business officials around the country because of the discounts they receive. We help make their annual report look good. We deal in consolidated wholesale air fares and are rated above Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia. We plan flights of hundreds of clients on a daily basis and it is time you let us plan yours. Let’s start with cheap business class flights to Melbourne and you will see that your options are endless. Australia is a beautiful country and apt for water enthusiasts or museum lovers or those who have a soft corner for history. In short, it has something to offer to everyone, so doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or with friends and family, Australia has something in store for everyone.


"Flying in coach was becoming increasingly annoying. I was amazed and delighted to discover I could get a business class or first class seat for the price of coach. Thank you! Oh and my back thanks you too :)"

M.Davis, Motivational speaker

"The service is awesome. I used to spend hours online searching for flights. No more. Now I simply call BWT and they take care of everything, including saving me up to 70% on business class and first class flights."

D.Ogilivie, Marketing Executive