Why Business World Travel?

BWT since its inception in 2003 has held a stellar reputation in the Travel industry for its
cost-saving programmes for Travel Management Companies, Travel Agents, and Travel Arrangers
we have consistently held an A+ BBB rating OUTSTANDING customer service, one of the few companies that
offer loyalty programs to book discounted business & first class tickets that benefit you and your clients.
What in its for you, Ask Business world travel Agent

What we Offer?

At Business World Travel, we believe that flat beds is the only way to travel, which is why we
exclusively cater to First and Business Class clients. So for your next trip, start with us, you will be
surprised how little you will pay for so much more

U.S. Based Travel Expert

U.S. Based Travel Expert

U.S. Based Travel Expert

Millions Saved in Airfares

Millions Saved in Airfares

Millions Saved in Airfares

All airlines. On YOUR Schedule

Dun and Bradstreet Rated

Reap The Rewards

Rack up on rewards when you book travel arrangements.
Our loyalty programs feature benefits you can’t find anywhere else – for you and your clients.

In The Press

"There is another way to find a low airfare, and
it's one your mother probably used. Pick up the
phone and call a travel agent.
"Buisness travel is expected to rise slowly in
2012 as corporate executives steadily widen
their travel budgets."
"Airlines have very good deals on buisness and
first class. Fares can be less than half what you
normally pay."

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