19 Jan

3 Most Heavenly Destinations for Backpackers

By: Michael Schoenberger

Because of the shoestring budget, many of us do not get the courage to explore the world. This is the reason we end up burying our dreams deep under the ground. The truth is, you can’t truly explore the wonders of natures by staying in the most luxurious hotels of the world. There is nothing wrong with it, but traveling requires you to be far more spontaneous and adventurous. How delightful would it be to pack all your personal stuff in a knapsack and trot the globe without having to worry about the budget repeatedly?

However, backpacking does take away a lot of your comforts. Although it is difficult to go without them otherwise, the priceless connection it makes for you with the beautiful nature is surely priceless.

Here we have the most heavenly destinations for backpackers.

1. Turkey

The best of Europe and Asia, Turkey is one of the greatest destinations in the world. Because of this diversity in culture, it is an excellent choice for backpacking. The spectacular landscapes of the country are truly a treat for the tourists. If you want to experience something different, packing your bags for tourists would certainly be a great choice. Apart from a lot to see and do, Turkey is a lot more affordable than many other destinations. The food you’ll come across whilst you’re there is truly divine and the costs wouldn’t be a cause of worry either. No matter what kind of traveler you’re, there’s never a dull time in Turkey. The country is famous for many of its star attractions. These include the magnificent ruins of Troy and the most vibrant capital, Istanbul. The Old Town in the capital is truly breath taking and so is the museum in Hagia Sophia. Tourists also fall in love with the stunning Blue Mosque. One of the most amazing places to visit in Turkey is the spectacular Grand Bazaar. Brimming with life, this bazaar is one of the best in the world and is a great place to shop and get to know more about the culture of this terrific country.

2. Thailand

destinations for backpackers
One of the best things backpackers crave for when off to a distant land are the beaches. This makes Thailand one of the most spectacular destinations for backpackers. This is the reason the country is brimming with them. Being one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world, it is a treat to explore its picturesque sites and of course the divine beaches. Who doesn’t know about the delicious Thai cuisine? Backpackers will be excited to explore how cheap eating in Thailand can be. From traveling to finding economical accommodation in Thailand, it is surely a dream destination. Koh Chang and Koh Lanta are some of the most stunning islands for backpackers when in Thailand. From the magical sunrise and sunset to the perfect climate, it is surely a wonderful experience for the backpackers.

3. Serbia

Many people still think of Serbia as a war-affected territory. You’d be surprised to experience what it offers to the backpackers around the world. It is one of the most ideal places for a skiing vacation in the mountains because of being extremely economical for tourists. The extremely serene countryside of Serbia, as well as the grand monasteries and cathedrals, are what you’d love to explore in Serbia as a backpacker. One of the hotspots for backpacking is the beautiful Belgrade. The modern cities and the impressive historical sites in this budget-friendly country make it a pleasant experience. In Serbia, you’re likely to come across a lot of likeminded people. The nightlife of many of its cities is most loved by the backpackers.

These amazing destinations for backpackers are a great way to explore the timeless wonders of the planet!

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