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4 Guaranteed Secrets To Absolutely Free First Class Tickets

By: Justin Zipprich

First Class TicketsWhen it comes to flying for business or leisure, there is nothing better than sitting in first class. Everyone knows the feeling of getting on the plane, passing that first class section, and thinking: “I want to sit here someday.”

It really is the upper echelon when it comes to air travel, and many travelers in the world will pay just about anything to get in those comfy chairs. There are also those out there who feel that they could never afford to sit in these coveted seats.

But what if there were methods you could use to get first class tickets for free? That’s right! There are tricks to getting your way up to first class without paying, but it will take some work on your part?

Do you accept the challenge? Then let’s dive in.

1. Just Ask:

One of the simplest ways to get into a first class doesn’t involve any points or gimmicks, but it works better for more outgoing people. All you have to do is ask.

Let’s say you are at the airport, and you already have your coach class tickets in hand. You can attempt to get a bump to first by simply going up to the ticket agent and asking if there are any upgrades available.

Now, you can’t just go up to the desk and beg for the upgrade. You may have to do a little convincing, but not to the point of annoyance. If you are planning to ask for the bump, make sure that you dress at least halfway professional. If you dress the part, then the agent may take you a little more seriously.

2. Volunteer For A Later Flight:

We’ve all been at the airport and heard that one familiar announcement over the intercom system. The flight is full, there are more passengers than seats, and they want to know if there is anyone in the crowd who wants to be a hero and give up their seat.

It may be a pain, but volunteering to skip this flight and take the next could result in a first class seat. When you go up to the desk to volunteer, make sure that you channel your inner car salesman and bargain with the agent. Tell them that you would love to help but you’ll need a first class ticket on that next flight to sweeten the deal.

Flight attendants are often so stressed out at this point that they will end up agreeing with little issue but don’t just expect it to work, you have to ask, and even then it is not a guarantee.

3. Get A Travel Agent:

Get A Travel AgentThere was a time when purchasing your plane tickets through a travel agent was the only way to go, but with the advent of the internet, people have forgotten about these agents and most book their tickets on their own. But we shouldn’t forget about travel agents so quickly because they could be your liaison to free first class tickets.

Travel agents don’t just come in off of the street. They have years of experience dealing with airlines, and they also have connections within the industry. If you have a good travel agent, he or she could easily find a way to help you get that free boost to first class.

4. Get The Help Of The First And Business Class Experts:

If you have had little luck getting your tickets for free, then do the next best thing and get a great deal on your seats through the experts at Business World Travel. We also know the ins and outs of the industry, and it is our promise to help you get the flight you need in the class you deserve.

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