29 Dec

6 Tips to Avoiding Infections (and Spreading Them) During the Most Dangerous Travel Time of the Year

By: Michael Schoenberger

avoiding infections

The winter season is a magnificent time to get away. It’s an opportunity to see your loved ones, take a much-needed vacation and enjoy the wonder of air travel.

Unfortunately, you will not be alone. The winter season is known to be one of the busiest travel times of the year with over 75% of people planning to get away during the holidays according to a study by TripAdvisor.

This means that airports and airplanes will be loaded with men, women, and children of all ages and with so many people around, your chances of catching an infectious disease can increase tenfold.

So what do you do to avoid infectious diseases or prevent your family from spreading infectious diseases? You heed some of these essential tips.

1. Get Vaccinated


The best trick to staying healthy begins before you even load the plane, and it is to get vaccinated. Particularly useful when going to other countries, getting vaccinated protects you from illnesses which may be common to the areas that you are visiting. Get vaccinated for diphtheria, hepatitis, HPV and anything else your doctor recommends. Being proactive could save your health and your vacation big time.

2. Remember to Wash Your Hands

hand wash

One of the best ways to avoid disease is to go back to basics and make sure you are washing your hands whenever you touch food, go to the washroom or clean up after your children. For extra protection, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after washing.

3. Drink Bottled Water

drink bottled water

If you want to avoid infectious diseases, steer clear of water fountains and only drink liquids that have come straight from the server to your hands without being opened by anyone else. Stick to bottled water for everything. Use bottled water for drinking, for brushing your teeth and anything else that involves your hand making contact with your mouth.

4. Stay Active

stay active

A simple way to enjoy your vacation is to stay on your feet and keep active. Not only does staying active by walking around your new surroundings, doing some hiking or going for a jog give you a better travel experience than sitting in your hotel room, but it also can protect you from contracting an infectious disease. People who are fit have healthier immune systems which means that they are less susceptible to sickness.

5. Avoid Mosquito Bites

avoid mosquito bites

If you haven’t heard, mosquitos are one of the primary carriers of the most deadly diseases. If you want to avoid infectious diseases or prevent your family from spreading infectious diseases then, by all means, avoid these little buggers.

There are several ways that you can avoid mosquito bites, especially in foreign countries. Stay in a hotel with air-conditioned rooms because these rooms are often better sealed. When you are out and about, cover up with loose cotton clothing that covers you from head to toe. Also, remember to use insect repellant with 30-50% DEET and use anti-mosquito coils when appropriate.

6. Remember to Sleep


It may seem counterproductive when on vacation, but one of the best ways to keep your body healthy enough to avoid sickness is to sleep. This doesn’t mean that you should sleep through the day but make sure that you get your required eight to ten hours per night and take a nap after long days of exploring.

Don’t let sickness ruin your trip, stay healthy and enjoy the fantastic sights that the world has to offer.

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