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7 Tips to Beat the Stress of Business Travel

By: Michael Schoenberger

stress of business travel

It’s not unusual if you think a business trip is just another name for a much needed vacation. Sadly, this is seldom the case. The stress of business travel is the pain only businessmen can relate to. It’s a race against time, an attempt to be the most productive and a struggle to cope up with lack of sleep and proper meals.

It’s seldom a break away from the routine, or a chance to explore a new destination as you’d like. If you are a business traveler who has become weary of it, it’s time for a boost.

Here are some great tips you can use to beat the endless stress of business travel.

1. Prepare a Ready-to-Go Carry-On

As a business traveler, you might be on the go every now and then. This often means unscheduled meetings and last minute flights. However, business trips don’t have to become an overload of stress.

Here’s one valuable tip to beat the stress. Why wait for unexpected events when you can prepare in advance? Prepare a carry-on with all your travel essentials. If you’ve packed right, half of the worry vanishes instantaneously. Ensure you fit all that needs to travel with you, such as toiletries, night suit, tech chords and the clothes you need. When it comes to clothing, opt for colors that can be combined together. Wrinkle free clothing is an absolute must; don’t wait any time in trying to iron them! Once you’ve settled all the travel essentials, you can freshen your packing the last minute.

2. Beat the Misery of Jet leg

Jet Lag
Jet leg is probably the most painful aspect of business travel. It can often take longer than expected to adjust to new surroundings. No one realizes the value of time better than a business traveler, and they often have to struggle with this once they arrive at their destination.

Jet lag can take time. However, there are certain ways you can cope with it. Most importantly, you must adjust your timings according to the one of your destination a week before you fly. This will help you to adjust to the new schedule quickly. Eating and drinking healthy and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also help you to beat the misery of a jet lag. If nothing else works well for you, taking a dosage of melatonin can help you stay calm and get a good sleep!

3. Eat and Drink Right

Being healthy should matter the most as everything comes secondary. If you haven’t rested well or eaten properly, it shows on your face. For your mind and body to function efficiently, you need to prepare it for the great challenge ahead.

Ensure that you eat and drink healthy. Taking small meals every few hours can help you stay on track. Staying hydrated is extremely important for the business travelers. During the trip and before that, it is best to keep away from caffeine and alcohol since it can affect the quality of your sleep and productivity as well.

4. Exercise


Long flights and endless meetings can often aggravate jet lag. For this reason, it is very important for you to exercise. This doesn’t have to be so elaborate. During a flight, you can merely get up for some time to stretch. If that isn’t possible, simply exercise while seated. Even meditating helps a great deal!

When you are at a new destination, consider going out for a short morning walk to mark the freshness of a new day. If that’s not your thing, you can simply do some exercises while in the hotel room. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that work magically in reducing the stress of any sort.

5. The Destination Search

A lot of travel stress has to do with going to a new destination. You may know nothing about it and this makes you uncomfortable. Business travelers often have a very limited time period and an extremely tough schedule. For this reason, being out of their comfort zone can affect their performance.

To make things better, it’s best to do a destination search. Get to know the transportation system and surroundings through the internet. Even if that is a last minute trip, you can always consume the flight time or wait at the airport for this purpose. Search all you need for a successful trip to happen; you’ll feel confident once you arrive at the destination!

6. Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Technology has expanded business needs and may be added to the stress of businessmen. However, it has also aided travelers in a lot of ways. If you befriend technology, there is a lot you can do on the go. The travel anxiety and deadlines can all be tackled with if you become tech-savvy.

So how does this happen? To begin with, you need to pack all the gadgets you would need for the trip. Make arrangements for the internet before you fly because you would have to stay connected all the time. Use the flight time to complete any unfinished tasks and manage documents before the upcoming meetings. Even when the internet isn’t available, you can draft emails offline and send them later.

Staying in touch is very important, and you need to ensure you have your technological lifelines all set and running to be able to do so!

7. Take a Break!

Yes, deadlines and productivity goals are extremely important. However, this isn’t all that the trip should be about. It’s best to take out a little time for yourself, take a break from all the never-ending work rituals and enjoy a few hours of tranquility. Stress is magically going to flow out of your body when you do so.

If you select a hotel within the reach of the famous attractions, you can take a short walk from the hotel to enjoy some time off from work. Maintaining a balance between work and leisure can help you beat the stress of business travel.

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