18 May

Activities Worth Trying After You’ve Booked a Flight to Hong Kong

By: Maya Jacobs

With summer just literally around the corner travel agencies and websites have already started rolling out holiday packages. The holiday packages are curated differently for singles, couples, families and different budgets as well. One of the most popular holiday packages this year seems to the one for Hong Kong, because the deal also includes cheap flights to Hong Kong as well as accommodation. Travelers are free to do partake in their own activities whilst they’re in the city. If you’re heading to Hong Kong this summer some of the activities below should be on your list of things to try (or see).

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1. Experience The Incredible View From The Star Ferry

This is one thing tourists in Hong Kong shouldn’t miss. In order to get the best view of the Iconic Hong Kong skyline, you need to get on the Star Ferry at the Tsim Sha Tsui terminal. The view from the ferry is the one you see in every Hollywood movie which features Hong Kong. The view is breathtaking and the ticket is only a couple of dollars (the price varies on the weekends). The ride lasts for only about seven minutes, so while you’re on the ferry you need to be camera ready.

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2. Ride A Glass Bottom Gondola And See The Big Bhuddha

Not only does the glass gondola provide stunning views of Lantau Islands natural beauty, but the cable car takes you all the way to ginormous bronze Tian Tan Buddha, which is the biggest outdoor seated Buddha in the entire world. Tourists have two options to choose from, depending solely on their budget. The standard cabin costs $130, while the crystal cabin costs $180. The crystal cabin has a glass bottom, which allows visitors a unique bird’s eye view. The crystal cabin may not be the best thing for people who are afraid of heights.

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3. Have You Fortune Told

Browse and bargain your heart out at the nightly street bazaar where you can find everything from watches, clothes, electronic gadgets, knock off paintings and much more. In the midst of the night bazaar, you’ll find street-side karaoke and fortune tellers. Tourists love having a cheeky moment with the fortune tellers who are “experts” at the face and palm reading. We’re all up for a bit of fun and games, but we recommend that you take everything the fortune teller says with a grain of salt. Depending on the expertise of the fortune teller the prices vary, and some even charge as high as $550.

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4. Don’t Miss The Ding-Ding

Hong Kong’s trams are affectionately known as ding-dings because instead of horns they have bells that ring. They are city icons and a mode of public transportation that charges very little. In order to get on the tram, you have to get at the back and pay the driver when you get off at your stop. They have a new air-conditioned fleet as well, and it’s not to be missed.

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