4 Jan

Airlines With Top Notch Business Class Experience

By: Michael Schoenberger

business class experience

The aviation industry just doesn’t deal with getting passengers from one destination to another. There’s a lot more going on behind the curtains. World famous textile designers, master chefs, entertainment industry have to be accredited for bringing the luxuries and comforts in the business class flights.

We can blame and give credit to British Airway for introducing luxury and being the pioneers of flat beds on business class flights in 2000. Before that, even the idea of it was totally alien. Since the past two decades, all the leading airline carriers have engaged in this customer grabbing race and ramped up their Business Class services to attain the desired benefits.

Keeping that in mind, it’s worth attributing certain amazing airlines for redefining and perfecting the business class experience.

1. British Airways

The airline has most certainly raised the bar of business class flights since their introduction of the first flatbeds. Since then, the skies have change dramatically and flying has become magical for the business class passengers. Although many of its competitors have managed to do better since then, BA deserves a mention. Being the innovators of the ‘Ying/Yang’ seating plan, the privacy on these flights is an amazing benefit offered to the business class passengers. The provision of private suites is great, and the middle and window seats face backwards. On the other hand, the aisle seats face forward. The comfortable and luxurious lounges of the airline are ideal for the passengers. Food on British Airways flights has always received mixed reviews. However, their amazing concept of afternoon tea is still a huge hit.

2. Singapore Airlines

When it comes to supreme business class experience, Singapore Airlines is surely a winner. The lavish luxuries offered by the airline in a metal tube are no less than impressive. The seats offered to the passengers are widest in comparison to any other airline. Although that means much more space, for many it turns out to be uncomfortable. Despite the optimum space, all business class passengers have access to the aisle. One of the biggest achievements of the airline is the realization that each one of us has a different sleeping pattern. When flying with Singapore Airlines, you need to leave your worries behind because the seat facilitates all sleeping positions. The amazing restaurant styling of the airline is also a winner and delights business class passengers a great deal. The 15.4 inches LCD screen is the perfect way to enjoy the endless entertainment onboard. The airline has surely perfected business class in every possible way.

3. Emirates

Flying with every class of Emirates is delightful. No wonder it is one of the most popular choices of the airline in recent years. The best aspect of flying business class with Emirates is the benefit of working and relaxation offered simultaneously. The flatbeds on the business class flights are great for relaxing and work out magically if you want to refresh yourself. The divine cuisine and world-class wines take the business class dining to another level. Business class passengers, along with working, also feel a need to relax and enjoy. To do so, there is an exclusive onboard lounge for the passengers. This turns out an excellent chance to relax and get to know more people. The ice inflight entertainment is marvelous and makes long-haul a much lesser worry. The seamless journey and comforts right from the lounge till landing makes the business class experience truly amazing.

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