20 Jan

Basic Problems Travelers Face At The Airports

By: Maya Jacobs

problem travelers face
Any person who travels on a frequent basis must be aware of the good and bad of an airport. So being a frequent traveler myself and having experienced several things that are not good and bad. Here I have compiled a list of few basic problems travelers’ face at the airport.

1. Low Internet Connectivity

Low Internet Connectivity
My last experience at the JFK airport got me concluding that the airports should have at least two to three WI-FI connections which should be free of cost and have high speed. Like when I traveled from Las Vegas airport, I didn’t experience any bad WI-FI signal strength, so I strongly believe that airports should make the WI-FI connectivity stronger and stable.

2. Long Security Lines

Long Security Lines
Another major problem travelers face at the airport are the long security checkpoint lines which usually cause stress and even the possibility of missing flights at times. I think the security checkpoints should do something about this issue and get those lines moving quickly.

3. Need More Traveling Apps

Need More Traveling Apps
Since many airlines have stopped offering meals people often eat at the airport restaurants and sometimes miss the flight announcement. This adds in as another huge problem, which travelers face. Being a traveler in my opinion, there should be more apps which can help us in getting answers to such queries to reduce the stress level.

4. No Extra Seats

No Extra Seats
There are not enough seats near the boarding gates, this means that many travelers have to keep standing or they have to sit on the floor of the airport. I think as the air travel industry is advancing, it will be better if the airports start concentrating towards offering better sitting areas.

5. Power For The Gadgets

Power For The Gadgets
Many travelers carry more than two gadgets with them like the smart phones, iPad, and laptops. All these items need charging. Now I have been too many airports and I have experienced myself standing near a garbage can or the gate desks for getting my phone or tablet charged. I would propose that the airports should offer power outlets which are built-in the airport seats.

6. Better Navigation

Better Navigation
My favorite airport is Amsterdam airport because of the easy signage which they have; if an airport has a proper signage system, there is no problem in navigating for those people who are new in that country, and so it will be better if the airports concentrate on their signage.

7. Toilets Need To Be Clean

Toilets Need To Be Clean
Sorry guys I don’t know about your experience, but this one is only for the ladies room, the airport restrooms need some major changes. First, they need to be a little bigger and secondly, we ladies carry purses with us and I have noticed that many airports don’t have a bathroom shelf in the ladies restroom. So where do we put down the purse? I think many ladies will agree with me on this that we need proper shelves for putting down our purses.

If the airports focus on these issues faced by the travelers and try to get them fixed many travelers will find them easy to commute at the airport and beneficial for traveling.

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