19 Jul

The Best Choices For Flying Business Class To US

By: Michael Schoenberger

 flying business class to US.

The comforts of business class are matchless to any other. On a long haul flight, all you need to enjoy a restful flight is to grab a business class seat. You’ll come across many airlines when it comes to flying business class to US. Although most of them do a fine job, there are some that always stand out in all aspects of their services. From their business class lounges to the finest cuisine onboard, there are plenty of ways these airlines serve nothing but the best to their flyers.

You might come across sky high business class fares. But when it comes to long haul, it can be very exhausting and miserable to end up in economy where you get barely any space to move around. Luckily, frequent flyer programs have done us good when it comes to earning miles and getting our travel dreams come true. If you are flying business class to US, here are the most perfect picks.

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Repeatedly ranked as one of the best airlines in the world, people often claim that Qatar Airways Business class cabin is no less than the most luxurious holiday in itself. The airline has done a remarkable job in perfecting all areas of its services throughout all the travel classes. Arguably, the business class stands out from the rest.

When flying business class with Qatar Airways, flyers are overwhelmed with the hospitality the airline offers to its passengers. The airline believes in a passenger-focused approach. The one aspect of flying you must never compromise over on a long haul flight is the seat itself. In Qatar’s Business Class seat, you’ll experience luxury knowing no bounds. With plenty of storage options, the business class seat is designed to meet the comforts of the passengers along with limitless entertainment options available for them. For the businessmen, there is a lot more to avail. It’s literally like setting up a workplace of your own high up in the air with all the high tech facilities to keep you connected to the world. Qatar Airways is always delightful to fly with because of its award-winning cuisine and hospitable on-ground services offered to the business class passengers.

2. United Airlines

United Airlines

When flying to the US with United Airlines, you’ll never be short of options because the airline operates a dense network of destinations. Not only that, United is famous for its frequent flyer program that is often ranked as one of the best ones available for the flyers. The spacious seating arrangement in United Airlines along with all the dreamlike amenities available high up in the air make is surely a great choice for flying business class to the US. United Airlines surely knows how to keep the flyers entertained in the best manner and you’d never be short of options when flying with the airline.

With United MileagePlus, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your flights. With United and all its partner airlines, you have a choice of over 1100 destinations around the world. From the hotel stays to car rentals, there are plenty of ways you can save with the affiliated partners of United Airlines.

3. Cathay Pacific

Cathay PacificThere is no better combination than the comforts of business class and Asian hospitality. You’ll truly experience that in the best manner when flying with Cathay Pacific. The airline ranks in the top listings for a number of reasons. From my experiences, the lounges are outclass. They are catered to the needs of the business class passengers and define perfection in terms of the layout and the services.

The herringbone-style configuration of the business class seats in Cathay Pacific is a creative display that allows you plenty of space during the daytime as well as the night flights. The airline is generous when it comes to the storage space and the entertainment is entirely on point. Cathay Pacific also wins when it comes to the delightful cuisine. There are always a range of options available to the passengers. Being a member of the oneworld alliance, you’d never be short of options when flying Business class to the US with Cathay Pacific.

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