4 Dec

Best Places For Spending Christmas Holidays

By: Maya Jacobs

Christmas Holidays 2014December the last month of the year is a much awaited month because of the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. Many people like to spend these special holidays with their families and friends. Spending these two special occasions with friends and families is a time-honored tradition in the western world. People are always looking for new opportunities to spend their Christmas holidays with their loved ones at some exotic destination and make their trip a memorable one.

Here is a list of some of the best places for spending Christmas holidays and also enjoys the New Year Holidays at the same destination.


Christmas at Amsterdam
Amsterdam is the best place to spend Christmas as the legend of Santa Claus is very strong in this country. In the early 16th to 17th century people use to start hanging the lights on their houses in early December. This country is the best place for spending New Year’s Eve and enjoying the fireworks and champagne at Dam squares or Nieuwmarkt.


Christmas Munich
Munich the Bavarian Capital spending Christmas here means you get to enjoy a beautiful 100 foot tall Christmas tree, there are around two dozen Christmas markets here, gingerbread and sweetened wine which are served on a tram which goes around the old city.


Prague Christmas deals
Prague is the place to be for spending Christmas holidays, take a stroll around the Nerudova Street in Mala Strana and have a view of the beautiful Gothic city and Rococo architecture, or catch a ballet or an open air opera. For Christmas shopping in Prague Wenceslas Square or Old Square Town is the best place to be.

Provence, France

Provence,-France Christmas event
This beautiful destination is amazing; spending time in Provencal, France is like a fairy-tale, the villages which go silent at summers end comes back to life with the music coming from the medieval churches and the cobblestoned streets are filled with the crowd of women who are shopping around the market and sniffing out the freshest foiegras.


Boston Christmas
Boston is an interesting place to spend Christmas holidays, spending time in the warm ambiance of this New-England city and enjoining the cobblestoned streets which are dusted with snow uplifts the mood. If visiting Boston celebrate Christmas with the Ghost of Christmas Past at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Christmas dance
Who says all you can do on Christmas is sing “Jingle Bells” when you visit Puerto Rico you can do salsa on the jingle bells beat. The palm trees and the exotic flora and fauna of Puerto Rico rainforest change your mood from the typical snowcapped pines. So after enjoying your Christmas Holidays at this amazing Caribbean destination you can spend your New Year’s Eve at the exotic beach party and enjoy the fireworks as the clock strikes 12.

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