29 Dec

Best Tips For Passing Easily Through The US Airport Security

By: Maya Jacobs

US Airport SecurityWhile travelling in US we have all experience the US Airport security check, the frenzy of remembering things like what I’m carrying in my purse or hand carry is overwhelming.
Things like, is my passport in my hand? Do I need to show my passport and ID card? Should I take off my shoes and belt? What’s with the new AIT machine and what is its purpose? All, these things are going in a person’s mind when travelling in US.

The questions are countless and while you are thinking about whether your nail cutter is still considered to be a dangerous tool, you suddenly get panicked whether you have packed it in your luggage or your hand-carry.
But for all the travelers, here we have the best travel guide of the year for you to easily pass through the US airport security checkpoints. There are some pro tips for you to navigate through the gates easily without any difficulty. And be at peace you can carry nail clippers in your hand carry or purse.

Check-In US Airport

Check In US Airport
When you are travelling make sure you travel earlier than the time of your flight.

Quick Tips

1. Give yourself enough time to check in through the security points.
2. Keep your passport and ID card in hand.

When you are travelling through US airports remember you never have too much extra time, this happens when you are travelling from busy airports like JFK or LAX. Travelers who are flying domestically should give themselves at least 2 hours to cross through the security checkpoints, and travelers who are flying internationally should give themselves 3-4 hours.
Once you have reached the airport make sure that all the required documents are in your hand. Pack these documents in a traveling bag which you can hang on your shoulder so you can easily take them out and put them back again.

Pro Tip
There are many traveling websites and app which tell you the estimated time required in crossing the security checkpoints of some particular airports. It’s best that when you are traveling you download these two apps.

Airport Security Check Point

Airport Security Check Point
Quick Tips

1.Dress accordingly
2. Keep your boarding pass and passport in hand.
3. Be prepared before your turn comes.

Passing through US airport security checkpoint is quite an overwhelming process, but if you know what is coming your way and you are already prepared for it then you can pass through the checkpoint easily and quickly. Firstly, you can save time by dressing and packing smartly, wear a single layer of clothes and shoes and try not to wear jewelry or accessories. Make sure that your carry on baggage is packed properly so it’s easy to scan. Before packing read the packing instructions of the TSA and leave the prohibited items, sharp objects or flammable at home.

As you approach near to the metal detectors, you will be asked to remove the following things and place them in separate trays for scanning.

3.Coins, phones and keys
4.Jewelry items

Once you have placed all the items in the tray, then the security agent will ask you to pass through the metal detectors and show your boarding pass and passport, assuming that you are all clear and you have packed properly and there is no problem with your stuff, you will be asked to proceed to the departure gate.
Once you get the go ahead from the security officer you can then pick your personal items and proceed to the gate. If you follow all these things you can easily make through the US airport security checkpoints.

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