22 Sep

Dubai Nails It Yet Again With Its Largest Indoor Theme Park!

By: Michael Schoenberger

largest-indoor-theme-parkIf you’ve been an admirer of theme parks, there’s a grand surprise for you. Just recently, Dubai opened its doors to the world’s largest indoor theme park. It’s magnificent, fun filled and nothing like you have ever seen before!

We’ve already seen how Dubai shows the love of being part of the worlds-firsts. From amazing skyscrapers, incredible shopping malls and firework displays never seen before, Dubai has its charms.

The desert city has managed to push the boundaries yet again. This time, it is much more thrilling. The IMG Worlds of Adventures is truly a world of its own and an indoor theme park that is one of its kind. Hosts of 2020 Expo, Dubai has worked hard to gain a good reputation and attracting more visitors every year!

What’s Amazing about the Theme Park

On a hot and dry 31st August, Dubai amazed people around the globe as it opened the gigantic IMG Worlds of Adventures. Apart from being the largest indoor theme park, there are plenty of reasons why you must make your way there.

You might have been to plenty of theme parks, some very popular ones. However, Dubai intends to do it all differently. It’s way more than a theme park; a world of its own. The scorching heat of the city and perfect air conditioning make it a perfect day out, without having to travel out of the city. It’s a mighty attraction, both for the locals and tourists.

What took approximately $1 billion to develop and measures 1.5 square feet is a major attraction in the city, nearly the size of 28 football fields. Located along the E311 Highway, just close to the Global Village and Arabian Ranches, the theme park lies in the heart of the city making it a perfect outdoor recreation.

With shorter queues, there’s plenty to explore in the park. The thrilling rides are just one chunk of the theme park. IMG Worlds of Adventures is also home to movies, live shows, and a vast dining and shopping complex. The adventure zones are astonishing and meant to entertain visitors of all ages.

Planning Your Visit

The best way to get to the IMG Worlds of Adventures is via a taxi or a private coach because of easy access to the area. The theme park opens its doors to the public at 11 am and closes down at 9 pm. The tickets are on sale on the web and can be purchased via phone too. There are convenient storage lockers for the visitors, ranging from 45-60 AED per day. The park has all the amenities that you would expect from a world-class theme park.

Dubai is hot nearly all year round. However, the summer travel months are particularly torturous. It would be a treat to be in Dubai under the shelter of the world’s largest indoor theme park and experience the adrenaline rush when you take the most thrilling rides. Although the tickets are priced at AED 300 (a bit pricey!), the facilities available do justice to what is being charged.

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