11 Sep

Etihad Airways Business Class Review

By: Maya Jacobs

Etihad Airways Business Class
We can all agree on the fact that Etihad Airways is now a renowned and well established airline preferred over many others. Whether it is the economy class, business class or first class, the airlines are fast improving itself in terms of service, comfort and food. After interviewing many users of Etihad Airways business class and being a user myself, I assume that I can now give an unbiased review on its standard and tell every one of the different services offered.

Comfort of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways seats
All passengers require a comfortable journey and things work out really well for them on Etihad Airways business class flight. The seats are designed keeping in mind maximum comfort. There is a generous leg space, privacy and the seats are cozy. Passengers can demand a pillow anytime and recline their seats into a flatbed to catch up on sleep.

Staff and Crew of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways staff
On an Etihad Airways business class flight, you are sure to find smiling and courteous staff. They answer all the queries very patiently and bring you the things needed without a frown. This is a big positive considering that on many popular airlines; the air hostesses are rude which quite a turn is off. Etihad Airways has trained its really well.

Weight Limit and Baggage

Etihad Airways Baggage
Users of Etihad Airways business class are permitted to carry two carry-on bags and there is a 40 KG limit on other bags. Many believe this to be a very generous limit but obviously, you can never satisfy some women who wish to pack their entire wardrobe when going on trips.

Dining of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Dining
Etihad Airways business class dining has mixed reviews. Although everyone agrees that it is good enough. Some love the Arabian cuisine while others are not too comfortable with different taste. However, the wine collection is extraordinary and there is a wide selection of snacks available throughout the flight.

Entertainment of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Entertainment
Entertainment is of top quality on Etihad Airways business class flights. You can watch all the latest movies on the wide LCD screen and you are provided with good quality earphones.

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