27 Oct

Explore Europe Through The Poland Travel Guide

By: Michael Schoenberger

Poland Travel Guide

Poland, a chunk of Eastern Europe is a delight to explore for the tourists. Whether you set on food, crave for road trips or have a passion to hike the mightiest of mountains, Poland has all of it. It doesn’t stop there, the country is drenched in the richest history and you’ll feel to have entered a world of fairytales when you embark on the majestic castles.

Learn more through the Poland travel guide.

Wieliczka Salt Mines

What better experience on your travels than to visit the oldest salt mines still waiting for them to be explored?  The table salt production halted in 2007, but there is a lot more happening. A world of its own, the salt mines were built in the 13 century and are 135m below the ground. The iconic monument of the country took many centuries of efforts to get mined.  The beautiful sculptures, intricately carved cathedral and the chandeliers make it one of the most famous sights to be visited in Poland.

Hike To The Tatras Mountains

Poland Tatras Mountains
Located at the border of Poland and Slovakia, the mountain ranges are an incredible sight for the tourists. Tourism being the best industry of the country, it’s no wonder that Tatras stand out because of the adventurous climbs, excellent ski adventures, spectacular flora and fauna and scenic beauty no less than of a fairytale.

Dwell In Krakow

The world’s history wouldn’t have been so rich if it wasn’t for Krakow. You’re completely safe in there because legends say that the city is under a giant dragon’s very special care. Home to the largest number of students in Poland, it is the place to party! Wisla Boulevards, Kopiec Kraca and Kladka Bernatka bridge are some of the finest sights of the historic city.

Cuisine To Crave For!

Poland Cuisine
Polish take their cuisine religiously, so fast food lovers will have to make up their mind to try them out. Golabki is one of their specialties made with the leaves of white cabbage, stuffed with mince and rice. To add to the richness, it flows in delicious tomato gravy. Forget about conventional sausages, Kielbasa will give a brand new meaning to the art of cooking and serving sausages. Pierogi is a Polish classic you would be sorry to miss! You’ll be overwhelmed to find the meat choices they are stuffed with. In short, Poland’s heartwarming cuisine is an absolute must try.

Visit Warsaw

Visit Warsaw, you’ll experience it stands out like no other place in Europe. When you enter the most exotic part of Europe, experience the most ancient moments in there: a trip to the Old Town Square Market. The streets of Warsaw come alive with the live performances, vendors giving out the best bargains and the best cafés you’ll ever be able to indulge in. Warsaw’s skyscrapers, enthralling nightlife and finest choices of music will make it worth a trip!

The city demands a visit; make it more fruitful through the Poland travel guide!

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