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Exploring European Wonders Through Prague Travel Guide

By: Michael Schoenberger

Prague Travel Guide
You may have visited San Francisco, but it is still highly recommended to make your way to the Golden City of the Czech Republic. This Czech capital, Prague is one of those destinations that are likely to keep you enchanted for eternity. The millennium old history of the city makes it one of those cities that are brimming with treasures. Other than all the spectacular sites in the city, Prague is also famous for having plenty of pubs everywhere. The lush greenery and stone bridges will stay in your mind for a lifetime. The events of the city are extremely captivating and the culture is like no other. If you wish to experience it to the fullest, read along this essential Prague travel guide and make your trip a marvelous one.

1. Ideal Time to Visit

Being one of the most famous cities in Europe when it comes to tourism, it is not an understatement to say that Prague is the city of all seasons. It appeals to visitors throughout the year because of so much happening every time. If you want to make the most of the sunshine days in Prague, make your way to the city in later May to sometime in July. This is generally when the days are the warmest and the longer daylight hours make it possible for you to explore the finest aspects of the city. If you wish to be there when the crowds are less, November to March would be perfect. However, this is only good if you don’t mind the cold. Prague is a truly magical destination to be at during Christmas!

2. Amazing Attractions

Because the city is one of a kind, the attractions are famous around the globe. For romantics, a walk on the Charles Bridge is truly a walk to remember. It gives the best view of Prague Castle and other riverside wonders. If you wish to explore the rich history of the city, the Charles Bridge Museum has treasures that would please you a great deal. The Cold War still casts its shadow on the city and you would realize it once you visit the Museum of Communism and Convent of St. Agnes. The city is one of the most picturesque destinations and Letna is the best example of it. Overlooking the Vltava River, it would be tremendous to get fresh air in there. The splendid performances put up in Prague are a must to witness. The National Theatre is surely a masterpiece where you’ll get to see the best in the world of ballet, opera and theatre. The Dancing House is another mysterious attraction of the city and tourists love to gather there to admire the peculiar structure. Prague has always been a movie star; Amadeus, Chronicles of Narnia and Les Miserables are some of the Hollywood masterpieces filmed in Prague.

3. Tourist’s Trap through Prague Travel Guide

Visiting a foreign land can be quiet overwhelming because of the need to adapt to it. Because you keep on assuming what is normal, your experience is surely affected. Czech is the language spoken by almost all, so it is best to get aware of it in bits and pieces. If you’re worried about the currency exchange, you’ll find these places everywhere. However, it is best to avoid the airports and study about the exchange rates before you visit. It is often thought that pick pocketing is a major cause of concern in Prague. However, as long as you’re not flashing for attention, you’d survive. While visiting restaurants, it is essential for you to put your fork and knife together if you want the waiter to take your plate away. Sadly, ketchup lovers would be disappointed to know that they’ll have to pay for it every time they wish to taste it in Prague.

Explore the jewel of the Czech Republic through this helpful Prague travel guide.

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