25 Oct

Flying Business Class In Economy

By: Michael Schoenberger

Business ClassWe fly economy but dream of business class. Yeah, first-class has the good stuff but I’d settle happily for business class. I once got upgraded to business on a three-hour flight and those were the most magical three hours of my life! Ever since I’ve been trying to replicate that experience in all my economy travels. Multiple flights later, here are some of my secrets about flying business class in the economy:

1. Invest In A Travel Pillow:

Invest In A Travel Pillow
A good travel pillow is the best investment you can make on a long flight. The ones provided by the airline are thin and slippery. It takes a good ten minutes to adjust into a comfortable position but before you know it, the pillow’s dropped down. And no matter what you do, that little white pillow can never provide neck support. A travel pillow is an answer to all your problems. Whether you want to nap or watch a movie, it will provide quite the luxury experience.

2. Get A Leg Hammock:

You probably never heard of such a thing but it exists! With inventions like these, modern technology feels God’s greatest gift to humanity. It’s the ultimate travel companion on long flights. It attaches to the tray table and hangs low. With the comfortable inflatable pillows inside, your legs and feet will be elevated, improving blood circulation and even allowing you to sleep on your side! Picture this: your seat is reclined, your head resting on the travel pillow, your feet are in the hammock, and your body is nicely settled – all the advantages of a business class seat! Now you’re definitely flying business class in economy.

3. Stick To Center Of The Plane:

You know what part of the plane is most stable, even stabler than first class? The center of the plane which, thankfully for us, lies in economy class! If you’re a nervous flyer or prone to motion sickness, get seats in the center and you’ll be way more comfortable than you can ever be in business class.

4.Block Out The Noise:

Stick To Center Of The Plane
One of the worst things about economy class is the noise – too many talkative passengers and too many babies crying – a set of good quality noise-blocking headphones can make all the difference. You’ll have the peace and quiet you want amidst the cacophony of a full plane.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes:

PJs are the most comfortable dress to fly in. Granted they’re not the most stylish but once you’ve flown in PJs, you’ll never take them off! They’re flexible so you can easily fold your body in any position. And they’re warm too! It can get really chilly in the plane so PJs and socks will keep you warm and cozy. You’ll be so comfortable you’ll forget where you’re sitting! That’s a great hack to travel business class in economy.

6. Bring Your Own Food:

Wear Comfortable Clothes
If you hate airline food like me then you’re probably already thinking of making your own sandwich. But spend a little more time in the kitchen and you’ll have yourself some spicy rice and savory curry! All passengers – business class ones included – will be so jealous of your meals!

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to waste their money on a business class ticket when they can have the same experience much cheaper in an economy. With just a little investment and planning, you are guaranteed to have the best flight of your life!

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