3 Mar

Friendliest Skies With Inflight Wi-Fi

By: Michael Schoenberger

inflight Wi-Fi

Long gone are those days when the passengers were in a world of their own once they took off on an aircraft. With the introduction of inflight Wi-Fi, it can now be truly realized how important it is to stay connected to the globe, especially when you’re high up in the skies. The struggle to make the skies friendlier has been made by several airlines around the globe. Nearly all the leading ones have attempted to devise a strategic Wi-Fi usage policy that would appeal to their frequent flyers.

Inflight Wi-Fi is a wonderful facility. When it’s free of cost, it gets even better. The peace of mind that you’ll be able to access the internet everywhere is a huge one. It’s beneficial for the airlines as they get a stronger place in terms of the competition. For the passengers, there is nothing better because a whole world can be approached through the internet!

A number of airlines have done a fine job in implementing inflight Wi-Fi successfully. Here are the best of these.

1. JetBlue

Arguably, JetBlue is one of the best ones when it comes to providing excellent internet services. Commonly known as ‘Fly-fi’, the speed is probably the best in comparison to all the rest. The airline uses the latest Ka-band technology.

The only drawback is that there is no guarantee that you’d be lucky enough to have it on your aircraft. Although most of them have been equipped with Wi-Fi, there are still some that are under the process of having it.

JetBlue’s webpage will help you to know whether the aircraft you’re flying with will have Wi-Fi facilities or not.

2. Delta

Delta inflight Wi-Fi
Apart from being one of the most famous airlines in America no matter where you’re headed towards, Delta is also a winner when it comes to Wi-Fi services. The airline has managed to light up the skies through this amazing provision. One of the top reasons Delta has managed to win the show is that all the aircraft are facilitated with the services. You won’t have to worry about not having Wi-Fi while you book.

The speed and quality still have room for improvement. The airline allows you to access Delta’s webpage free of cost. Before flying, passengers can get hold of Delta Wi-Fi pass to enjoy a wonderful internet session inflight.

3. Virgin America

Virgin America’s entire fleets have been facilitated with Wi-Fi. It gets even better because Virgin is famous for never compromising over the speed and quality of the internet they offer. Making use of Gogo ATG-4, the airline has done a remarkable job in making the skies friendlier. The airline is also a launch partner of the new 2Ku service.

With Virgin America, you enjoy the benefit of accessing the internet at the standard rates like any other airline with much better speed.

The airlines these days have a neck-and-neck competition when it comes to excelling in the internet facilities. It is no longer considered a desire. Inflight Wi-Fi has become an essential part of flying!

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