22 Mar

Habits All Annoying Travelers Have In Common

By: Michael Schoenberger

annoying travelers
Traveling can make even the sanest traveler extremely wary. This is particularly true when flying through the economy class of an airline. Sadly, the annoying travelers make the situation even worst. Without realizing the impact their habits can have on fellow travelers, they continue to live in a world of their own.

Let’s solve some of the most common air travel aggravations by discovering the habits of annoying travelers.

1. Taking Over All The Overhead Bin

A lot of travelers are in a rush to board onto the plane simply because they want to get the most out of the amenities available to the travelers. But just because you arrive at the gates ahead of time doesn’t give you a good reason to take control of the entire overhead bin. Spreading your possessions all over the plane is one of the worst habits you could have as a traveler.

This particularly creates troubles for the traveler who arrives just in time when the plane is about to take off and realizes there is no space left for him. As a responsible traveler, you must avoid causing chaos of this sort.

2. Boarding Way Too Early

Since many people despise the stay at airports, the staff tends to make things better for you by implementing a swift boarding process. For most of the airlines, passengers are called to the boarding gates in groups so that crowds can easily be avoided.

But no matter where you’re traveling to, it’s mandatory to come across travelers that want to stay way ahead of the game and would rush to get to the boarding gate. Instead of rubbing shoulders and causing an anxiety rush for fellow travelers, take it easy and wait for your turn!

3. Loud Chattering

It can be awful once you’re traveling as a group and do not manage to get hold of the seats you desire for. However, it gets far more pathetic once you try to chat on the top of your lungs because your seats are far off.

This is one of the sure ways to annoy the fellow seatmates and would torture them more than anything. It’s understandable that being entertained in the plane is a must. Reading, watching movies or simply sleeping can help you to happily kill time while flying. Why not give your neighbor some peaceful moments?

4. Rushing To Disembark

Settling on an airplane seat for long hours can be extremely painful. Who knows this better than someone who has managed to survive a long haul flight?

But the real chaos is witnessed just when the plane lands. It’s absolutely appalling when flyers seated far behind you try to make their way to the front, not caring about the countless passengers they harm on their way.
Everyone will get their eventually, just play the patience game strongly.

5. Annoying Travelers Shoving The Seat Back

Constant leg shaking high up in the air is a habit of many travelers. High levels of anxiety can justify this act. However, you should always try to be in control of your actions.

Many times, airplane journeys witness some passengers continuously shoving the seat back. This can be very irritating for the ones suffering needlessly!

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