10 May

How To Avoid 3 Rookie Travel Moves That Will Cost You Money

By: Maya Jacobs

3 rookie travel
What are the 3 rookie travel moves that will cost you money? There are some wrong moves that infrequent travellers make all the time. The aim of this article is shown to infrequent travelers what they do wrong in order to make their next trip more memorable and stress-free.


1. Doing No Research Before Leaving

Bahamas Tourism
I a friend of mine had a meeting with some Bahamas Tourism officials and they were whining about how a tourist can sometimes end up at wrong airports or take the boat to the wrong island. The officials were alarmed when they heard that some of the tourists hadn’t even bothered to look at a map when making their plan. They were completely clueless and unprepared.

You would think it would get easier with Smartphones, but it actually hasn’t. it has actually gotten worse. Before Smartphones people would buy guide books and would flip through them. Now, they leave some questions on social media or hope Google has the answers they’re looking for after they’ve landed at their destination. This is the worst thing inexperienced travelers can do. Research is one of the most important things one should do when planning a holiday.

Personally, I love travel blogs and checking out places that are worth visiting. I make a list of all the places I’d like to visit and try my best to check all of them off my life. On my recent trip to Dubai, I knew more about what was happening in the city than my friend who actually lives there.


2. Exchanging Money Before Your Trip

Exchanging Money
For those who are ready to lose money before taking off for their international journey, exchanging money before arrival is perfect. For those who want to save and spend smartly, my advice is to exchange at your destination. Why? You’ll be surprised to know that the exchange rates differ in every country. This is advice is mostly for Americans and Canadians. Use an ATM card once you land (hopefully one with low or no fees) and take out cash as needed. For bigger purchases use a no foreign exchange credit card.

Those who are traveling from developing countries should look up currency rates online first. Sometimes the local bank might be giving better exchange rates than the one at the destination. Again, research matters.


Put Your Destination First, and Your Budget Second

Can you afford that amazing summer holiday in Switzerland that you’ve been dreaming about? You should be able to answer this question first and then commit to your ideal holiday. A lot of families and couples take one big vacation a year, and they are adamant to go to the first place they think of. Instead, they should put their budget first and then dream up a vacation according to that. Look at all your options before committing to an airline ticket and hotel rooms. Spending so much on a holiday you can’t afford can only result in stress. Take an honest look at your budget and evaluate all your options.

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