4 Sep

Important Air Travel Tips

By: Maya Jacobs

Important Air Travel Tips

Whether you are using American Airlines business class flights, Emirates economy class or Singapore Airlines First class, some tips are important to follow when you are due to travel. These travel tips will ensure a hassle free, stress-free, relaxing and smooth journey to your desired destination.

1) Pack Wisely

Pack Wisely

Overweight luggage is only going to be a problem for you. So avoid overpacking at all costs. In fact, keep the suitcase as light as possible. It will be easier to carry and you won’t have to pay any extra luggage fees. Also, never rely on the airport staff to be generous to you. Exceeding weight limit is usually taken seriously. You may be asked to open the suitcase and leave some of the things behind.

2) Read The Newest Regulations And Rules

Regulations And Rules
Before any flight, make sure you are aware of all the latest rules and regulations of luggage and flying. Airlines tend to keep changing the rules, so save yourself the hassle and don’t pack anything that is not allowed.

3) Before The Flight

Before the flight

Be well rested before you leave for the airport. Otherwise, you will be cranky and grumpy. Sitting in the waiting lounge, standing in lines and dealing with the counter staff is a hectic and stressful procedure. It’ll be helpful if you are not tired and sleepy.

4) H2O Is Important


It is probably not the best idea to drink Alcohol at the start of your journey. It will dehydrate you and may even end up giving a headache. So whenever you think you may want a drink, get water or juice. It is the best way to stay refreshed throughout the flight.

5) Sleep


Long haul flights can be very boring and exhausting, so the best way to pass some of the hours is to sleep. If you have trouble sleeping on flights, use a sleeping pill. Even an hour nap is enough to refresh you.

6) Seat matters

Seat matters

Don’t choose a seat close to the toilet or a seat on the aisle side. It can be very irritating because every other minute, someone is bound to pass by you.

7) Dress In Comfy Clothes

comfy clothes

Do not care what others think or say, dress up in the most comfortable clothes you have. Whether they are sweat pants, a loose t-shirt or a hoodie. There is always an option to change right before the flight lands.

8) Wi-Fi


If the Wi-Fi is free, then great. But if it is available for a fee, get it. It is going to help you pass lots of hours. And you can even get some work done.

9) Keep A Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Airports and planes are not the cleanest places. It is quite difficult to go wash hands every few hours, so a hand sanitizer will really come in handy.

10) Snacking


Pack some healthy snacks in your handbag. They are a blessing when you are waiting for your luggage to arrive or sitting in the waiting room ready to board the plane. Snacks at the airport are mostly expensive.

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