27 Mar

Important Travel Safety & Health Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

By: Maya Jacobs

Travel Safety & Health Tips
Traveling anywhere in the world can be both stressful and exciting at the same time. Over the years I have been trying, and relatively succeeding to making traveling more exciting and less stressful. Now, I think I have the perfect antidote to this conundrum. We, as travelers should make travel safety and health our first priority. Once we have these two things sorted, then the stress just melts away and you’re more than ready to feel the bubble of excitement.

1. Safety Comes First

Safety Comes First

Having survived cities like New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Madrid I can tell from experience how important safety is. It’s embarrassing to put this out in the world but I was once robbed by ten year old children on the streets on Nice. Back then I had considered myself an experienced traveler and I was horrified at the thought of being robbed by ten year old girls. My experience, however, has come in handy because it saved me and my friends from succumbing to the same fate.

The trick that these girls used on me was brilliant. Pretty little girls swarmed around me asking for money and holding out a piece of paper. Even though I tried to walk away they kept pushing up against me. I felt a light tug on my security money pouch, and as I looked down at the bag the girls started walking away. I noticed the zip was slightly open and when I opened it to look inside I found out that $200 had been stolen.

Travel Safety Tip #1

coffee shop

I had something similar happen to me in London as well. A man asked me to read something off cardboard while I was in a coffee shop. I shoved him away and grabbed my things tightly. My advice is to always wear a crossbody while traveling. Make sure you put the bag slightly in front of you rather to the side. Always make sure the zip is fully zipped. Don’t let them distract you, because that is what their aim is. They’re either going to ask you to read something or they’re selling small trinkets.

Travel Safety Tip #2


Always lock your luggage with TSA approved locks to make sure that airport security doesn’t cut it off and leave your luggage unlocked. If you’re traveling on a train or a bus and you have your luggage next to you get a mesh protector which wraps your bag in a wire mesh. What It does is, it allows you to lock it securely to something.
Even hotels rooms aren’t always safe. In Turkey, some of my money was stolen right from the hotel safe. Since then I have invested in a travel door alarm so I can be alerted of any suspicious activity.

2. Travel Health Tip

Health Tip

Traveler’s tummy is one of the most common maladies. The symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. You can avoid this by skipping the raw salads, cold water, and tap water when you are in developing countries. Stick to using bottled water and don’t be too adventurous with uncooked food.

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