25 Feb

Infuriating Travel Habits You Must Get Rid Of

By: Michael Schoenberger

travel habits
Traveling can turn into a real misery at times, especially when it comes to being confined to the economy class of an airline on a long haul flight. Although many times you’d complain about the not-so-good services of the airlines, it is often the passengers that make your experience a terrible one. Many times, without even realizing, we’re bringing the same misery to other travelers.

Since an airplane sees probably the most diverse travelers, annoying habits can make your journey a horrible one. It is important to understand that bad habits are going to impact everyone nearby. Once you’re trapped in a plane, it gets even worse with rarely any place to escape.

Here are some extremely annoying travel habits that you must get rid of in order to maintain sanity onboard.

1. Ditch The Pajamas

For a long flight, comfortable clothing is essential. Being stiff and wearing formal clothing will keep you uneasy throughout the journey and you’d seldom be able to sleep. However, that doesn’t mean dressing up too informally for your flight. Appropriate clothing is important and is considered one of the essential traveling etiquettes.

That no way means you end up wearing a three-piece suit while you’re about to embark on a journey. Just appear as you’d like to be seen in a public place.

2. Not Waiting For Your Group Boarding Number

Airport Boarding
We’ll all get to the aircraft, eventually. This is a very important assurance that some annoying travelers need to be constantly told. If you’re late for the airport, it makes sense that you rush to get boarded. However, when you’re already seated in the lounge, why push and nudge unnecessarily to interrupt a smooth boarding process?

Almost all the airlines have a very systemic way of getting their passengers boarded, beginning with the premium classes to the coach passengers. Group names are called out for passengers to begin boarding. However, someone in Group Y will always be over anxious to get to the boarding gate first. No, you’re less likely to win a medal here!

3. Feet Are A Big No!

Getting the grasp of good travel habits is extremely easy. All you have to do is imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. No matter what part of the journey you’re at, never ever put your shoes against some surface people sit on. This is extremely horrendous for fellow passengers. Barefoot look even more unattractive! Even when you’ve thoroughly washed and taken care of your feet, you must avoid sitting with barefoot, let alone walking with them. Remember that even when you wish to get comfortable on a plane, there are etiquettes you must follow.

4. Babies Crying

Babies Crying
Admit it; we’ve all been there at some point in time. Some of us have been stroked with bad luck for a lifetime because no plane journey is complete without being surrounded by crybabies.

As passengers, this is probably one of the most irritating travel habits that make your journey extremely unpleasant. As a parent, sometimes controlling these tantrums becomes impossible. But it is appalling to witness parents who become to accustom to them that they desire to immune you too!

When packing for your trip, it is essential for a parent to carry all the items that might please the baby once they begin crying their heart out. If your seatmate seems to be suffering from such misery and there’s nothing you can do, offering apology would appear to be the kindest gesture and consoling for sure!

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