14 Jul

Let’s Be Creative With Our Travel Memories!

By: Michael Schoenberger

Travel Memories

When you travel to a new destination and experience all the amazing things in life, it feels like those travel memories would never vanish. The places you’ve traveled to, the faces you’ve met; it seems like those would remain engraved in your mind for years to come. But let’s face this truth about the human memory, it fades. The feelings get less intense and you eventually start forgetting a lot of details.

This gives you a good reason to store your travel memories in ways you can preserve them for years to come and never lose them. Each one of us stores memories in our own ways. Sadly, most of the times we store memories in a manner that only suffer a slow death in our cabinets. This isn’t the kind of memories you should be ideally creating, the ones you wouldn’t even bother looking at. With so many opportunities around, it is best to be creative and find interesting ways to create and store your memories. Here we suggest you some of our favorite ones.

1. A Scrapbook

A Scrapbook

It might seem old school, but even in today’s times, a scrapbook is one of the most ideal ways to create and store memories that would appeal to anyone. The problem comes when people turn their scrapbook into a monotonous tale. When you attempt to make it appealing, you really have to turn it into a creative and fun school project; colorful and full of life!

There are plenty of ways you can get started. Invest in a good quality scrapbook with plenty of pages. For your visual memory to be interesting, dedicate a page each for a single destination. If you have a lot to share, you can go beyond. You can be entirely flexible with what you like. Fill those pages with interesting memories in the form of photos, tickets, postcards or even a leaf or flower that you picked up. For all the memories that stay in your head, you could pour them out in the scrapbook through doodles and notes. You’ll never have a dull moment in your life when you look back at all those amazing memories!

2. Carry a Pocket-Sized Notebooks

Pocket-Sized Notebooks

It’s absolutely mandatory for me to travel with a notebook. Once you begin using one, you’ll realize how amazing it is. Pocket-sized notebooks see the same place like you do. For them to experience it in the same manner that you do, it is best that you pour your thoughts at the end of the day, between sipping a cup of tea or even during traveling.

Since feelings start evaporating after sometime, it is best that you pour your thoughts during the trip instead of waiting for it to end. You really don’t have to be a travel blogger to express what you experienced in words. This is something very personal and amazing, that no one feels the way you would do. When you do so, write about details that you would otherwise forget such as the weather, bittersweet experiences and the people you’ve met. Describe the taste of the food you’ve had, and the feelings that you experience in those moments.

3. Create a Video

Create a Video

All thanks to all the amazing gadgets and technology, we do have an awful amount of photos and videos when we head back from a trip. Sometimes, we end up clicking so much that we rarely look back at all of them apart from the ones that are likely to end up becoming your Facebook display picture.

But travel memories are really more than that. To look at them in an interesting manner, create a video of all the videos and travel photos that you have. Even if you are not a tech savvy user, there are plenty of tools on the internet that helps you create it in an easy and creative manner without a lot of input from your side.

4. Travel Box

Travel Box

Memoirs can be created in countless ways. One of the most profound ones of these is to invest in travel boxes. Now you might be wondering where to get these from. Keep it simple. Getting normal sized wooden boxes would do a fine job. You can paint them the way you like, and decorate the exterior with something symbolic to the destination. Have the title clearly printed or painted on the side? A box for each destination would be ideal for you to store anything that brings you back to those travel days.

There are countless interesting stuff that you can bring back from your trip. While it might appear dirt and dump too many, for you, it’s something that connects you to a particular destination. These can be your ticket, boarding pass, bills, postcards, leaves, souvenirs, postcards and way more!

5. Recreate travel memories through Paintings


Paintings are a powerful expression and a wonderful way to recreate your travel tales. Have a favorite travel moment? Get it painted. Ideally, these should be pictures you have captured yourself. Once you select your favorite one, head out to a painter you know in your local surroundings. If you can’t find someone, the web is always there to solve every matter of your life!

6. Wall it!

Wall it!

Wanderlust is great. People who love trotting the globe have a personality of their own. Why not let your house be a reflection of that too? For your upcoming break from work or even the weekend, isolate yourself from everything and take up an interesting project.

Print and frame all your travel memories from all the trips you’ve had in your life and put them up on the wall. You could create interesting collages with words and add photos of both people and places. In this way, you’d live with those memories day and night. It also gives your house a very homely and welcoming feel.

7. Small Jars

Small Jars

The next time you empty a jar of mayonnaise and chuck it away to the trash, stop right there because you have found a much better use to it. Jars are an amazing way to decorate your home with travel memories. Fill them up with interesting stuff you’ve brought back from your trip. It could be merely a coin or a napkin signed by a celebrity you’ve dearly loved.

Memory jars are an easy and creative way to store your travel memories. If you are a collector by nature, there’s nothing better for you. Fill your memory jars with train or movie tickets, hotel cards or any item you wish to preserve for years to come.

8. Blogging


The world has become a lot more interesting because of the internet. We are able to store, create and share things in ways that have never been done before. This calls for a moment to be grateful for how privileged we are. But even more than that, blogging is a great way to not only organize your thoughts but share them with people you’ve never met before.

You don’t have to be a professional when it comes to blogging. Simply be creative and original with your plans and you’d certainly get there!

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