15 Jun

Long Haul Flights: Making Sure They’re Comfortable

By: Michael Schoenberger

Long Haul Flights
Freezing temperatures, an infant screaming nearby, another person kneeing your seat from behind, your legs themselves pleading in agony as they’re stuck in a space too small, no place to lean your head on because you’re in the middle seat and worst of all – its’ still 8 hours till you land. This must sound familiar to some of you, the woes to be had in the regular cabin of the aircraft. While there are very few things more exciting than a trip abroad, the long flights can be a nightmare and can seriously dampen your enthusiasm beforehand. Below are some tips that will help you make long haul flights as comfortable as possible.

Punctuality Helps

Make sure you check in to your flight early. Some airlines have the option of booking your preferred seats online, be sure to do that as early as possible in order to get the seat you want. Even in this case, you’ll have to arrive at the airport early to ensure your seats are not given to someone else. For those airlines who do not offer such a service, you’ll have to come to the airport early and book seats at check in. Choose a window seat or the aisle one, depending on your preference. Just make sure it’s far from the toilet.

The Right Clothes

Long Haul Flights Right Clothes
The golden rule of long haul flights is to make sure you’re wearing something comfortable. An Airplane isn’t the place to be fancy. Bring separate clothes in a bag so you can quickly change once you arrive at your destination. Once you’re up in the air and the cabin has been chilled to near 0 degrees you’ll start wishing you bought something warmer. So bring a sweater or a blanket to fight this temporary ice age.

Moisturize Me

The air in the cabin can become very dry and that may be uncomfortable for some people. Hence take a moisturizing cream with you for your hands and face.

The Mask and Plug

Remember the incessant screaming? And the flashing cabin lights? This evil can be avoided simply by bringing a Sleep Mask and earplugs. These are an absolute must on any long haul flight.

Jetlag During Long Haul Flights

Long Haul Flights jetlag
Flights over long distances can be unpleasant for our bodies. If you’re flying east it’s better if you go to bed a bit earlier before your flight departs. If your destination is west, try to stay awake a bit longer than usual. Once on the plane, set your watch to the time at your destination. And also don’t continually think about how late it is back home.

Flights can be an unpleasant experience, especially in the economy class. With these travel tips make sure you’re ready to combat the unpleasantness on board.

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