11 Jun

Lufthansa Airline Business Class Experience

By: Maya Jacobs

Lufthansa Airline Business Class
While economy class flights remain to be most commonly used among travelers, the trend of the business class seems to be increasing too. Whether it is a long haul international flight or a short domestic flight, the travelers wish to ride without stress and hassle. In terms of comfort, services and luxury, Lufthansa airline is one such airline whose business class continues to stand out. With time, its increasing popularity cannot be denied. Nor can the level improvement which it has achieved. Lufthansa airline, the flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe, has continuously made efforts to make it’s a business class unique and luxurious. And its efforts have been fruitful to some extent.

Lufthansa Airline Business Class Seating:

Lufthansa Business Class seating
Lufthansa’s business class seats have been designed in such a way that they provide maximum comfort to passengers. All seat have the recline option. They can be positioned in whatever way you want. Moreover, the seats feature a sleeping surface. With just one press of a button, the seat can be converted into a comfy bed. Sleepless journeys are no longer an issue. These flatbeds make sure that you sleep well. Every seat has moveable armrests. And with all seats, there is a generous storage area for keeping your essential things. The thick and improved cushioning on the seats add to the level of comfort. Suffice to say, the business class seating ensures passengers a smooth, comfortable and relaxing journey.

The “V” Feature of Lufthansa Airline Business Class:

V Feature of business class
The “V” feature of Lufthansa airline is the newest addition to the many characteristics of its business class seats. This new feature means that the seating arrangement is done in such a way that together two seats form the alphabet ‘V’. This creative and unprecedented feature provides greater privacy and distance between two seats.

Lufthansa Airline Business Class Entertainment:

Lufthansa Business Class Entertainment
Lufthansa Airlines has made sure that the passengers don’t get bored during the flight. Boredom is probably the worst thing that can happen to you. Especially during a long haul flight. To address this issue, Lufthansa has a great entertainment system prepared. The new 15-inch screens for every seat mean that you can enjoy watching movies or programs for however long you want. All passengers have access to a large collection of movies.

Lufthansa Airline Business Class Dining:

Lufthansa Airline Business Class Dining
Business class passengers on Lufthansa are treated with delicious and fancy meals. These meals are freshly made upon the passenger’s order. The food is served on nice crockery with excellent presentation. All passengers are also served beverages and cocktails during the whole flight.

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