21 Dec

Marvelous Four Days In London

By: Michael Schoenberger

The exciting capital of England is home to the world’s famous attractions and endless activities. Planning a four day trip to London? Let’s begin with some bad news. You won’t be able to explore all the wonders. However, you still have the chance to see the best of what London is so famous for!

Here’s the best you can do with your four days in London.

Day One

Whether you reach the hotel through the public transportation or hire a cab, plenty of sites will attract you along the way. Dedicate the first day in the city to the most popular attractions, the one you must have pictured in your head long before you actually arrive. Begin with the iconic Coca-Cola London Eye located in the center of the city. A flight will get you to view the best sights of the city and admire its wonders. The flight lasts for 30 minutes and landing in one of its 32 capsules is surely pleasing. There are several bus tours operating in the city and there’s no better way to explore the cultures and attractions of London. Explore the timeless beauty of River Thames and the marvelous Tower and London Bridge. Do not miss out the opening of the Tower Bridge! Since all of these are closely located, make a tour to the Tower of London to explore the horrible history of the city. The Crown Jewels will surely leave you speechless. Whilst you’re there, do not miss out the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

Once history is explored, head to one of the finest entertainment places in London. The famous London Theatre and the Royal Opera House are famous among the tourists because there is something for everyone. End your day by enjoying the marvels of China Town. China Town has many restaurants and would surely delight your taste buds!

Day Two

days in London
Since your days in London are limited, it is wise to spend them sensibly. Covent Gardens is one of the marvelous wonders of London and you need sufficient time to explore it. The perfect spot to eat and shop; especially on a day the weather turns in your favor!  If you still didn’t get a chance to have lunch, head to the Thames lunch cruise to enjoy the divine ambiance and food alike.

A fed stomach is the perfect time to stand new ventures. Head to Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern to spend a wonderful afternoon! You have the chance to explore the awesome gallery and have a fine cup of coffee. Brick Lane would be an ideal spot to head next. The food is divine and to burn it off; Oxford Street would be the great spot to shop your heart out!

Day Three

Since you’ve explored all the rest, this is the time to head to the marvelous museums of London. The British Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Natural History Museum are some of them. This would be ideal to travel back in time.

Next up, explore the best of London’s famous Camden Market. Best fashion, street art, jewelry, and arts will delight you a great deal! End the trip by walking down to Primrose Hill to get the best views of the city.

When spending such a great day, the evening should be equally amazing. Spend your evening in a traditional pub in London to enjoy the finest food and drinks.

Day Four

Stonehenge london
Although there is a lot you can possibly do in London on the final day, you can make the most of it by heading for a day trip anywhere close to London. You might feel upset about leaving the city and can opt for alternatives within the city. The popular destinations for one day trip are Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, and Brighton; each amazing and distinct in its own way.

Have an amazing time in these limited days in London!

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