3 Aug

My Travel Experience on British Airways Business Class Flights

By: Maya Jacobs

British Airways Business Class Flights
British Airways is the official airline of United Kingdom (UK). Based on the number of international flights and its airplane fleet, it is the largest airlines operating in UK. Ever since my flight to Barcelona using an airline that I choose not to expose, I had decided that it was time to change my loyalties. And this was why British Airways got introduced to me. My travel experience to London and Tokyo on British Airways business class flights turned out so well that now I happen to be a regular customer. It all started when my friend in London recommended British Airways. I was dreading the long flight and she claimed that the journey on British Airways would be easily endured. Well, she sure was right. A month or so after my trip to London, I used the airline again for flying out to Tokyo. British Airways once again managed to impress me. And let me assure you that I am not an easy person to impress. But I really should clear one thing. I have only used 5 other airlines so I must admit that I am not the right person to give a final verdict. I can only say that it is a fairly good airline for business class, not perfect.

Seating on British Airways Business Class Flights

Seating on British Airways
Business class seating on British Airways is excellent. In my opinion, seating is the most integral part of a long haul flight. If the seats are uncomfortable, then you are in for a hectic and exhausting journey. Luckily, British Airways business class cabins offer personal space. The personal space makes it easy to stretch. The seat can be converted into a full flat bed. And the airline provides the passengers with a quilted blanket and a foam headrest. Near the seat is a power supply. One can charge all their electronic gadgets here.

The Dining experience on British Airways Business class flights

British Airways food
Okay, so when I say that the business class of British Airways is not perfect, it is mainly because of the dining. I don’t mean to imply that the food is bad. If it was bad, I would never have declared British Airways my new favorite airline. The two times that I have traveled on British Airways business class flights, the food served to me was fairly good. But they need to improve themselves in other areas. The crockery was average. And it seemed that not much attention was given to the presentation. To sum it up, the dishes tasted well, in fact, they tasted better than most airlines but they really need to put emphasis on the other aspects too.

Other amenities and British Airways staff

British airways staff
I loved the amenity kit provided to me during the flight. It included skincare products and other accessories which came in handy while we were in the air. Moreover, before the boarding and after the landing, the users of British Airways business class flights have access to luxurious lounges where one can relax and freshen up. As for the staff on board, I must say that they are very courteous and helpful.

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