22 May

Qantas Airways Domestic Business Class : A Whole New Experience

By: Maya Jacobs

Qantas Airways Domestic Business Class
Nicknamed as the “Flying Kangaroos”, Qantas holds the privilege of being the largest airlines in Australia. Based in Sydney, the airline’s main hub continues to be Sydney airport. Qantas has a 60% to 65% share of the domestic market and Australians prefer to travel around within Australia with this reliable name which was established back in 1920. With time, the Qantas Airways domestic business class has improved greatly. The difference in the quality of services provided a few years ago as compared to the services provided now is drastic. It makes one realize the true effort that has been put into making the business class experience a truly memorable one for all its valued local customers.

Travel Comforts
For the convenience of travelers, Qantas has made checking in hassle-free for users. One can easily check in at any time. The online check-in facility is extremely helpful and it enables the traveler to print their boarding pass at home before leaving for the airport. After much research, Qantas has also been successful in making their checking in the process really fast. If you are traveling from Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, then you are in luck. The premium security lanes and premium boarding lanes at these airports make the whole airport experience really smooth and trouble free. Moreover, Qantas has valet parking services and all users get to enjoy the door to door comfort. Waiting periods are absolutely no big deal for Qantas business class users. It is only time for relaxation. The luxurious domestic business lounges offer free Wi-Fi, separate working areas, magazines, comfortable seating and fine dining for travelers.

Qantas Airways Business ClassSeats Qantas Airways domestic business class passengers don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable journey. The fancy leather seats make sure that travelers don’t complain due to backaches or lack of sleep. All the seats can be reclined to any suitable position. The extendable leg rest and spacious leg space in front of the seats guarantee you a very relaxing and comforting journey. The passengers also have a storage space and they are provided with pillows and blankets during the flight.

Business Class meal
Qantas Airways domestic business class users are treated with exclusive and exquisite meals during the flight. Qantas has tailored menus according to the time at which you are traveling and passengers get to fulfill their appetite with delicious food/snacks that are prepared with great care by award-winning chefs.

First Class dining
To solve the issue of boredom during flights, Qantas has many in-flight entertainment options. Passengers have access to the latest movies, Television programs, radio and CD audio. Watching movies on a 10.6 inch personal digital screen is a wonderful experience. For people who wish to work during the flight, there are power plugs and USB ports at the seat.

Qantas has made sure that the end of the journey is as smooth as the start was for users. Upon arrival, business class passengers get to be the first ones to exit the aircraft and collect the baggage. From excellent seating, dining and entertainment to courteous staff, Qantas has made its domestic business class very desirable and attractive in recent years.

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