29 Oct

The 17th Century Romantics-Part One

By: admin

Elizabethan architecture
After reading the all time classic- Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, some fell in love with the looks and riches of Mr. Darcy; others with the wittiness of Ms Elizabeth. I fell in love with the late 17th century Elizabethan architecture, beautifully simple countryside and villages of England vividly described by the pen of Ms. Jane Austen. By the end of the year, I knew exactly where and how I wanted to spend my year long annual leaves and bank savings. Although I love to travel and explore new places, I’m not very fond of flying. It makes me queasy and nervous. Traveling business class is obviously more comforting and it ensures that I feel rested and ready to explore my destination. With my average income level, finding discount business class tickets was the first task in hand. I met with some travel agents and tried to get a discount on the business class tickets. However soon enough, I realized that finding cheap air tickets can be easily done through the internet these days. Within a few hours of browsing through the web and a couple of phone calls, I managed to get hold of great cheap business class ticket. The next few days were spent planning my trip, making hotel reservations etc.<br/

The Jane Austin Centre
After a very comfortable (the price of the ticket made it all the more comforting) journey, I landed at the London International airport. My aunt picked me from there and I had a good night’s sleep. Finally, my dream to see 17th century Elizabethan architecture was started, Feeling giddy with joy and with my self-created pride and prejudice map ducked in my backpack, I started off with my real journey the next morning. It was a short 90 minute train ride from London to the famous City of Bath. To make things interesting, I had booked the Elizabeth Bennet room in the Three Abbey Green hotel, situated in the heart of Bath. The room had a beautiful view overlooking a busy square, very friendly staff, clean bathroom and an ideal location to explore the divine architecture and literature of the city. Without wasting any time, I grabbed my loyal Nikon and went to the famous Abbey Church, one of the last Gothic Church of England. It was a truly grand memoir of art. The steep climb to the dome of the building was fatigued but very rewarding. As soon as I got to the top of the dome, I was mesmerized while trying to absorb the beautiful view of the entire city of Bath and the surrounding countryside. The rest of the day was spent walking around the city and exploring its cuisine.

Three Abbey Green hotel
The second and my last day (17th century Elizabethan architecture journey) in the city started with a visit to the famous Jane Austen Centre where I was able to learn a great deal about the life of my favorite author. To add to the fun, by paying only a small price for it, I was able to get myself dressed and styled as Ms. Elizabeth Bennet from my favorite novel by the author. Feeling like a beautiful dame of the late 17th century, I then went on to visit the Roman Baths. Luckily, it was evening by the time I got to the baths and the whole complex was lit up by torches. It felt like I had traveled back in time on a time machine. I spent the rest of the evening exploring the temple and bathing complex and cancelled my trip to the famous Thermae bath Spa recommended by a friend (because a Spa is to the 21st century).

The remains from centuries ago were a testament to the fact that not all things in life are perishable. Some are so extraordinary and meaningful, that generation’s struggle to hold on to it. On the way back to London, I reflected on memories from my trip and figured that I might also have become a free writer to write on 17th century Elizabethan architecture rather than a lowly magazine editor if only I had lived in the inspiring city of Bath where Ms. Jane Austen spent most of her time. However, soon enough the memories of the trip were overcome by plans of the second part of my journey.

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