30 Apr

The 5 Most Unique Beaches That Will Shock And Amaze

By: Michael Schoenberger

most unique beaches

One of the most fun and relaxing activities you can do on vacation is go to the beach, and what is not to like? You can lie back on the warm sand, soak in some rays and even go for a swim. Regular beaches are great, but they are no match for some of the more intense beaches of the world. Imagine a beach made of glass or a beach comprised of pink or green sand. Don’t believe it’s true? Check out some of the most unique beaches that may make you think that you are relaxing on a whole other planet.

California’s Glass Beach Will Amaze

Located in Fort Bragg, California, Glass Beach is a gorgeous spectacle and is truly one of the coolest beaches you will ever see. Visited by tens of thousands of tourists on a yearly basis, this beach appears to be covered in glass instead of your standard sand. The reason is that the site of the beach was once used as a garbage dump. Over the years, the pounding water turned the remaining glass into small smooth pieces that now give the beach its beautiful glassy look.

Go See The Beauty Of The Glowing Beach

Maldives beach

A hidden gem in the Republic of Maldives, this amazing glowing beach gives off an alluring blue glow similar to a beautiful night sky. The source of this vibrant blue is the many ostracod crustaceans, which are sea creatures that create the glow. The beach is truly a sight to see and there is nothing more magical than walking through the gorgeous sand and leaving cool blue footprints for others to follow. Complete your amazing trip when you use your air miles to book your flight to the islands.

See This Pretty Pink Sand Beach

This amazing pink beach just screams the Bahamas! To truly experience a new kind of beach, pack your bags;gather your air miles and head to this island paradise where this gorgeous three-mile stretch of insane pink sand will greet you. The source of this color is the red foraminifera shells, which are tiny single-celled animals that call the beach their home. This location is a great tourist destination with resorts and casinos lining the coast.

Maho Beach Is More Than Meets The Eye

screams Bahamas

Located on the Dutch portion of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, is a hidden gem sure to amaze the thrill seekers in the audience. At first glance, this may look like your standard, everyday beach but beware, at any moment, a giant airliner will fall from the sky and fly almost right above your head. The planes, which are landing at the nearby airport, fly so close to the people on the beach that many people are thrown back into the water by the incredible power of the plane’s engines. This is truly a beach for the most daring of beach lovers.

Hawaii’s Green Sand Beach

Papakōlea Beach, located in South Point, Hawaii, is truly one of the most unique beaches with the greenest sand you will ever see. The cause of the green sand is highly scientific, but the result is simple, an eye-pleasing beach that you will remember forever. There is also an amazing black sand beach on the island that you should check out if you get the chance. Getting to the island of Hawaii is a treat in itself when you use some of your well-deserved air miles to upgrade to first class on the amazing Hawaiian Airlines.

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