14 Oct

The Art of Traveling Photography

By: Maya Jacobs

During travelling an important feature is photography. A tourist would like to preserve the memories of all the beautiful places, he or she has visited. But there is also the fact that photography is a professional hobby or job. It is a very technical occupation and if one wants to become an efficient photographer, then this discipline should be practiced by the laid-down rules. Proper travelling photography tips would help a person be able to have an edge, if he is photographing while touring.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras
Nowadays, we have cameras, professional cameras and even advanced digital cameras. These new and helpful tools are making photography more professional. It is important that when a traveller is on his way he carries light baggage. To address this constraint cameras nowadays are very compact and easy to carry. They have replaced old cameras and are equipped with auto-flash system, which is built-in. They also have added features of effects and editing, which makes the use very convenient for serious photo capture. Digital cameras have now even replaced batteries and work on charging. A traveller can just hook-up his or her camera, wherever they find an electrical connection.

Data security

Data security
Data in this case are photographs. We also know that the volume of photographic content when a person is out on a journey can be quite huge. It is imperative that the security of the data should be kept in mind. An important travelling photography tip is to safeguard the data and ensure it is not lost. The only way to do that is to protect your camera from physical damage and also weather conditions. This means that it should be properly wrapped-up and packed in a mini-bag or pouch of some sort having a cushioned composition. The owner should protect it from moisture, water and rain. Even sunlight exposure is not a good thing for these hand-held devices. Also, a professional travelling photographer would always keep his camera in close vicinity so that he doesn’t forget it somewhere and lose it. And it is the data which is of prime concern. For this, reading the camera manual is advised.

Photographical Data Storage

Photographical data storage
Due to the heavy volume of work and data, backup storage is an important requirement. For this nowadays drives, and memory cards are available that can satisfy a photographer’s needs. A huge memory is needed to store thousands and millions of photographs. Especially during travel when pictures are snapped the user loses count and track of the number of pictures, so a ready and free storage is necessary. Here again, the travelling photography tip would be to secure the storage drives and cards and keep them in a safe place, away from harm.

Selective Photography

Selective photography
To save time and money a photographer must prioritize his work. He should concentrate on the most important work areas and only capture the real objects, which matter. In photography, there are always areas which are unimportant, and these should be left out.

Following these rules, would be beneficial to the travelling photographer and would not leave him in limbo.

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