2 Feb

The easiest ways to earn money while traveling overseas

By: Michael Schoenberger

earn-money-while-travelingTo some people traveling for a year and spending a large chunk of money (or maybe all of it) might seem like a daunting idea. There may be a lot of ways to save money and travel on a budget but for some, there may be no amount of saving tips that could help them save enough. Personally, being broke is one of the best reasons to drop everything and travel the world. Those who do try to save money and don’t succeed often become disheartened, especially when they browse the internet and come across so many success stories.
Rather than daydreaming about a super luxurious holiday, you should keep a realistic goal which you can accomplish within a year or year and a half. Just do the best you can with the money you saved up. Pick a destination which appeals to you but doesn’t make you cry when you look at its monetary aspects.

1. Work Abroad

Working abroad might be the perfect solution for all your money woes. This is a unique and wonderful idea. It gives you a chance to earn while traveling. It also provides insight into a new country, and it allows you to learn new languages as well.

Finding work abroad is an easy process. While applying for a job you have to make sure to remember that you are applying for a job rather than investing in a career. The key is to stay flexible. There are industries and economies which revolve around travellers. Take the Australian economy for example; it would be difficult for the economy to survive without the labor backpackers. Many of the jobs might be glamorous and hard but will allow you to earn money to keep you on the road longer.

2. Do Volunteer Work

A friend of mine saved a couple of thousand dollars for a year, took my advice and picked Central and South America as his holiday destination. He also decided to do some volunteering whilst he was there, which covered some of his costs. He planned to stay there as long as his money lasted.

3. Freelance Work Online

For those who have a background in web design or anything tech related can find work online and work from anywhere in the world. A lot of websites and companies are open to hiring travellers. All you have to do is keep your portfolio looking sharp and up to date.

4. Work On A Cruise ship

This is probably one of the ideal ways to earn money while travelling. You get to network with people from all around the world and gain some solid work experience. There are a number of jobs to choose from ranging from low to medium wage.

5. Work As An English Teacher

This is the easiest and well-paid job for an English speaking native. Teaching job is abundant the world over, especially in South Asia. When all else fails, get a teaching job. The hours are flexible, the pay is good and many countries like Bahrain offer huge bonuses. Some schools go as far as to pay for your ticket and expenses.

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