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The Emirates Business Class

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EmiratesNot very well known many years back, today Emirates is an airline that every traveler knows about. It has become popular due to its repute, excellent services, efforts and continuous improvements. This U.A.E based airline is the largest airline operating in the Middle East and the fourth largest airline in the World in terms of the number of passengers it caters. Through the years, Emirates has emerged as a strong brand name. Winner of numerous awards, Emirates business class is considered to be one of the best among many airlines. Business class of Emirates is an experience that you will always remember. Business class users on Emirates enjoy a trouble-free, enjoyable and relaxing journey due to the extra perks and utmost care extended by the staff.

Emirates Business Class Cabins And Seating:

Stiff backs, headaches and lack of sleep are a common occurring after a journey. Emirates business class seating is designed in such a way that you get to avoid all these problems. With Emirates, you can be sure of arriving at your destination fully rested and relaxed. Apart from being comfortable, the seats have an excellent feature which makes it possible to adjust the seat to whatever position you are comfortable in. The seat can be reclined all the way too. Reclining it all the way means that you get to lie down flat and easily catch up on your sleep. Moreover, all seats have a power supply for charging gadgets and laptops. Businessmen can catch up on their work while others can browse the internet. All seats have a personal screen on which you can watch any movie. Emirates offer a long list of movies to choose from. Every seat also has a mini bar.

cabin seating


Cocktails, Snacks, And Food:

Typically airline food has always been average. But an Emirates business class user does not have to worry about bad food. Emirates has a great reputation regarding its business class dining. Chefs who prepare meals are extremely talented and the food they present is made with special emphasis on taste and presentation. Business class users have a wide variety of dishes to choose from for breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner. During long-distance flights, there are various snacks available. Along with food, Emirates serves champagne, cocktails, and wines free of cost to its passengers.



Emirates business class users should not be worried about being bored. They are provided with a personal screen and remote with access to a variety of movies and TV programmes. The television has over 1000 channels. If you are not in the mood of television or a movie, you can listen to music or you can enjoy reading an in-flight magazine.
Emirates Entertainment

Other Perks And Services:

Other than excellent seating, entertainment and fine dining, Emirates business class will make an extra effort to make your journey hassle free. They offer complimentary chauffeur service and the users have access to luxurious waiting areas with free Wi-Fi facility. Additionally, business class passengers are provided fast track vouchers which speed up all processes at the airport.

Emirates Other Perks And Services

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