22 Jan

The Essential San Francisco Travel Guide

By: Michael Schoenberger

San Francisco Travel
The Golden City is a wondrous tourist destination, whether it is your first time to the country or you’re a local traveler. With splendid attractions spread out everywhere, San Francisco has something truly special for everyone. The city is host to the best entertainment in the world; from brilliant beaches to the rich history, you’ll have a marvelous trip!

Explore the best of its attractions through this San Francisco Travel Guide.

1. The Golden Bridge

One of the most iconic sites of the city, you can’t miss out the opportunity of visiting San Francisco without visiting this magical bridge. Once famous as a bridge that would probably never finish getting built, today it is much more popular for being one of the most photographed sites in the world. Not surprisingly, it landed in the list of the top wonders of the modern world. The bridge has sidewalks for pedestrians that can be accessed during the day. It is amazing to know the history of its construction and the many obstacles that came up in the four years process. The many routes provide an excellent view and it is ideal for satisfying your thirst of photographing.

2. Golden Gate Park

San Francisco Travel Guide
No wonder the city is famously called the Golden City. Situated in the heart of the city, this wondrous park is one of the star attractions of San Francisco. The park serves as a marvelous day out because of the plenty of entertainment it offers within. The gardens are a spectacular sight because with a stunning display of the flora. The park has an extensive network of walking and cycling tracks and it serves to be the perfect summer treat! It is one of those special spots where a couple of hours are just not enough.

3. Pier 39

This is one of the most recommended destinations of the San Francisco Travel Guide. The view from here is unmatchable to any other and offers the best spot for recreation. Ideally, your visit to this dynamic country should begin from Pier 39. Built on a pier, it is much more than a shopping center. From the sea lions to the amazing cruise, there’s plenty to do here. If you’re looking out for some great eating out options in San Francisco, Pier 39 is a great choice!

4. Alcatraz

For some, it is creepy. For others, the most beautiful sight in the country. Alcatraz is definitely one of the most visited attractions of San Francisco. From Pier 39, you can easily reach this notorious prison through a ferry. Explore what it looked like years back when it was home to several known criminals. The guided tours are highly recommended to experience it to the fullest. Since the summer time is when tourism gets to the peak, be wise when booking. You must also carry an ID with a photo for identification if you plan to visit.

5. Pristine Beaches

Whether it comes to walking or contemplating, the beaches of San Francisco are truly heavenly. Although it isn’t particularly a beach town, the collection it has is surely worth a visit. Ocean Beach is an amazing one when it comes to surfing and long walks. For a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, head to the famous Baker Beach. The China Beach, located nearby is where you can enjoy some personal time without getting bothered with endless crowds.

Explore the wonders of the country through this wonderful San Francisco Travel Guide.

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