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The Great & Not So Great About Cathay Pacific Business Class Flights

By: Justin Zipprich

In the last couple of years, Cathay Pacific has made massive changes to up their business class game. There is so much completion amongst airlines these days, and because of that legacy carriers are always trying to outdo each other. Since Cathay Pacific’s business class flights have seen a massive overhaul we thought we’d focus on the great and the not so great aspects of the premium cabin.

1. Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat

In its business class cabin, the airline has reverse herringbone seats throughout its long-haul flights. In our opinion, the herringbone seats are the best business class hard product in the world. No one can beat fully flat seats with direct aisle access. The entertainment section is incredible as well, and since the upgrade, it has the same SutdioX programming Cathay Pacific provides in its first class cabin.

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Business class passengers don’t have to worry about uncomfortable seats or being on the flight. The airline has done an excellent job at refurbishing their premium cabin. The services they’ve provided won’t leave business class flyers yearning for first class, that’s for sure.

2. The Food In Cathay Pacific Business Class

The food service was a bit surprising, though not in a bad way. The focus of the meal service was on efficiency. It’s worth appreciating on a six-hour flight, but on a 15-hour flight, it’s a bit strange. The food was displayed on a nice little trolley, with all the options laid out. The first course was salmon and shrimp starter and a small salad. Out of the main course, our favorite was the Chinese cod. Later, we were also served cheese and fruit. The multiple course meal ended with a dessert which consisted of a pear and crumble tart.

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What we found odd was that on a 15-hour flight the nuts were served after the appetizer. One would think on a long haul flight there’ll be ample time to have a drink and munch on the nuts right at the beginning before the food is served.

When it comes to quality of the food it was good, but Austrians business class catering. Even though the meal was unmemorable, they thrived well on efficiency. The highlights of the meal were definitely the cof and the dessert.

3. The Business Class Service

The crew on the flight was really good and did an excellent job at making everyone feel comfortable. They were extremely attentive while serving the food, but they had a tendency to disappear after meals. However, whenever the call button was pushed they would cheerily appear within seconds.

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4. Business Class Amenities

After takeoff, we were offered a decent amenity kit, although the lack of slippers was surprising. Even though it sounds minor, it’s always a plus when airlines offer slippers. It’s not appealing to go to the lavatory in socks, and it’s annoying having to put shoes back on every time. Slippers should be mandatory in business class flights.

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