18 Jul

The luxurious experience on Singapore Airlines

By: Maya Jacobs

Singapore Airlines
My annual trip to Berlin was exceptionally great this year. Visiting my parents on Christmas is somewhat a tradition now. But flying from Pretoria, South Africa to Berlin, Germany is not an easy job. The long flight is hard. However, this year, things were surprisingly very different. Usually, on my first day, I whine and stay in bed. In my short trip, most days passed with a jetlagged and messed up routine. But who knew that booking the Singapore Airlines business class flight could bring so much positive change? I landed at the Berlin Tegel Airport fully refreshed and without any signs of sleep deprivation or fatigue. Now, what more could one want? A stress-free and nice journey to visit my parents is what I always desired before boarding the flight and I finally got it.

Seating on Singapore Airlines Business Class Flights

Flights seats
The seats on Singapore Airlines Business class flights are truly a blessing for travelers on long-distance journeys. They are the most spacious. I would go as far as saying that these seats are better than many first class seats of a few airlines. They have good cushioning and fancy leather covering. My seat was very comfortable and it could be unfolded to reveal a flatbed. During the 11 hour flight, I slept for at least 5 hours. Since I had caught up on my sleep, I wasn’t grumpy and sleep deprived when I arrived at Berlin Airport. And much to my mother’s delight, I did not spend the whole day in bed.

Dining Experience on Singapore Airlines Business Class Flights

Flights food
My dining experience on Singapore Airlines business class flight was quite good. I have traveled a lot. Most of the time, I prefer economy class because I don’t want to spend too much. But I have had the experience of being on business class a few times so I can compare those experiences with this one. The food served to me was definitely better than the one served on Thai Airways business class. In fact, it was probably the most delicious plane food I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. My steak with mushroom sauce was served warm. It was given to me on a nice plate and the presentation was excellent. Although there was plenty of other stuff to eat on the flight, I decided to just stick with one dish. I really did not want to end up feeling queasy. Also, the best part was that I was able to choose what I wanted to eat before my departure. It felt nice knowing that the chefs prepared the dish especially for me.

Exceptional and Exemplary Service

airlines airhotess
The staff on-board was extremely courteous and helpful. I can sometimes be a nuisance because I always need something every few hours but the air hostess kept her calm throughout which was pretty impressive.

Financial Issues

Airlines Business price
Okay, the only the downside of the Singapore Airlines Business Class Flights is the price. Compared to other airlines, Singapore airlines will charge you more. Some would say that spending that much money is worth it but some would also disagree. I can’t really decide what I think.

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