14 Nov

The Top Five Business Class Airlines In The World

By: Maya Jacobs

Business Class Airlines
If given a choice everyone would be traveling in business class. The only thing coming between us and our dream of flying business class is the extravagant (to put it mildly) price tag that comes with it. Is the price of the business class airline ticket actually worth the money, or are just over paying for the label instead. According to Skytrax there are some business class airlines that are worth every cent. Let us know if your favorite business class airline made the cut this year.

1. Air France

Air France has recently given its image and planes a complete over haul. The airlines revamped business class is stunning in every way. The premium cabin features a private pod for every passenger with a lie-flat bed, endless hours (500 to be exact) of in-flight entertainment on a whopping 16 inch HD screen. The cherry on the top are the menus that have been beautifully crafted by a group of Michelin-starred gourmet chefs.

2. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has really strived hard to reach the top tier in the aviation industry. The airline has successfully left behind all the other European airlines and has achieved the status of being known as Europe’s best business class airline. Their luxurious amenities include insanely comfortable lie-flat seating with the massage feature added in. Their gourmet dinner is always delicious, and often leaves business class passengers craving for more.

3. Eva Air

What makes Eva Air stand out from the rest of the business class cabins? Well, first of all, the airline prides itself for its excellent service, cabin crew, and quality. They have perfected the art of the most luxuriously comfortable long-haul flights. During these long-haul flights, they provide their passengers with noise cancelling headphones, and lie-flat beds that provide hours of deep sleep. Their Rimowa overnight kit is pretty great as well.

4. ANA All Nippon Airways

The Japanese carrier is regarded as one of the best business class airlines on the Pacific Rim. The carriers business class cabin offers a large number of premium amenities that include lie-flat seats, an extensive library of entertainment. Their gourmet chefs are known to some of the best airline chefs in the world. If you’re in the mood to travel the blue skies in luxury, then this business class airline definitely makes the cut.

Emirates Airline

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Emirates has landed on the top again. Not only is it’s business class outstanding, but the airline itself currently holds the title for the Best Airline In the World. With its business class cabin, the airline has created a benchmark for excellence. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston have happily signed up to be the airlines face for business class travel. Their business class in-flight entertainment is the best in the world (another title that is well deserved). The cabin also boasts a cocktail bar and complimentary chauffeur service. If there is one business class in the world that is worth the price, it’s definitely Emirates Airline.

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