16 Oct

Things You Learn From Traveling

By: Michael Schoenberger

Things You Learn From Traveling
There comes a point in everyone’s life where they long to be on a journey to discover them. There is no better way to do it than to be on an actual journey somewhere alone.
The trip does not have to be extravagant, but a productive time off for you to realize your inner strengths. When you are travelling in a group you take a lot of things for granted like bargaining with the cab, setting a travelling schedule, packing on time, finding your way around a new town etc… All these hurdles become all the more real when you are on your own. One thing is reassuring though; you will emerge a stronger person in the end.

1. Create Your Paths

The biggest advantage to traveling alone is that you are dependent on no one and no one is dependent on you. This means you can decide how much time you are to set for a certain activity, how you plan to spend your nights, how long or short you intend to stay etc… There are challenges to being on your own too and the smallest tasks like going to the bathroom with a lot of luggage can start looking like a challenge. But this is all part of the journey.

2. Letting Your Guard Down

Letting Your Guard Down
The most amazing thing you learn from traveling is that you learn to interact with different people. Making small talk is not everyone’s cup of tea and some people are plain shy. After a while you learn to communicate with people on matters of importance and if there is nothing else for you to start a talk on with your fellow travelers, there is one thing you are sure they like; traveling.

3. Rebuilding Your Connections

No matter how beautiful your destination is, it cannot beat the comforts of your own home. Sometimes we need exactly this to make ourselves realize the importance of the place we call home. Once you have overcome this realization, you begin to enjoy your surroundings a lot more. The food and places become an experience that you are now willing to try.

4. Be More Aware Of Your Surroundings

Be More Aware Of your Surroundings
Traveling is bound to expose you to new experiences, place, and feelings. The mountains and lakes start holding a different meaning. You become more aware of everything around you and learn to appreciate the dialogue you now have time to have with yourself.

5. Learn How To Budget

The most useful thing you learn from traveling is managing your finances. This is one skill no school can teach you. When you are alone, you are your only help and that is why you need to be very careful about the items you choose to spend on. You learn to manage your meals, travel expenses, shopping margin and eventually learn to forecast how much you will need for your next trip away from home. Traveling turns you into an all-rounder, something you might know you have the capacity to be.

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