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Tips to Change, Cancel and Get Refund on Airline Tickets

By: Maya Jacobs

Airline Tickets
You purchase your Airline tickets and all of a sudden, your foreign client cancels the meeting that you were supposed to be going to. What now? Cancellation policies vary from airline to airline. So you must check with the airline you are flying with. Usually, airlines charge a cancellation fee. That can be distressing. You are not even using the ticket and yet you got to pay some money to the airline anyway. Well, the thing to remember is that always cancel within 24 hours of booking. If you manage to do it within the 24-hour time, no extra money shall be charged.

How to deal with changes

ticket business class
Your office decides to bear the travel expenses and now you wish to travel in business class instead of the economy. But surely, you don’t want to pay the fee charged when you make a change. The exact same rules apply when it comes to making changes. You must do it within 24 hours of booking to avoid spending extra money.


customer service
Everyone wants to get back their hard-earned precious money if for some reason they cannot use the ticket. For that to happen, follow the below-mentioned tips.

Tip 1 – For a refund, you must inform the airline without any kind of delay. Failure to contact them at the right time would result in you paying a certain amount of fee.

Tip 2 – If you have purchased through an online travel company, then call directly and talk to their customer service representative. Do the same if you have purchased from an airline. Talking directly helps you make your case and the company tends to be more helpful.

Tips to Change airline ticket
Tip 3 – If by any chance, you are really late in asking for a refund, there will be charges levied and you will not be able to recover the full amount. But if somehow the airline is at fault, then time does not matter. Under these circumstances, you must demand a full refund and don’t get fooled into paying any extra money.

Tip 4 – This is the most essential tip. You must try buying your ticket through a credit card. And always get travel insurance. This later helps if the airline closes down or any other undesired circumstances arise.

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