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Top 10 Family Travel Tips

By: Maya Jacobs

Family Travel Tips
Although solo traveling can certainly be less stressful, less costly and more convenient but I guess we can all agree that traveling with family has its own charm. A trip with family means making a lot of new fun and exciting memories. The time is cherished for a long time. Plus, only a little practice and focus can help you avoid the few problems that might occur. Mentioned below are the top 10 family travel tips that will ensure a smooth journey and overall hassle-free vacation.

1) Keep The Weight As Light As Possible

weight as light
Luggage has to be carried around so make sure it is light. Do not pack useless excessive things that are heavy weighted.

2) Choose Only One City

 one City
Preferably choose to visit one city. Too many destinations are hard to enjoy with kids.

3) Reach A Consensus And Discuss The Holiday Beforehand

family discussion
Everyone wants to have a memorable family vacation so include your kids in the planning process. Choose a city that has fun activities for all members. When a city has been decided, then further discuss which places in the area are worth visiting and which are not.

4) Choose The Hotel Location Wisely

hotel location
Don’t stay at cheap hotels in sneaky areas just for the sake of saving money. Make sure the location is taken into account. Stay in a safe and nice area, preferably someplace where local attractions are near.

5) Avail The Family Deals

family deals
This is something that you must try to take full advantage of. Most hotels offer discounts to families and sometimes even give extra benefits.

6) Lifts Are Important

Lifts are important
Carrying the bags and strollers up the stairs again and again is something no one wants to do. So make sure, there is a lift at the place you are staying or your room is on the ground floor.

7) Don’t Forget To Pack Essential Items

pack medicines
Of all the family travel tips, the most important tip is that you pack medicines in your luggage. Keep fever or cough syrups and also pack bandages and bruise creams. In case any minor problem occurs like a cut or fever, you would not have to worry about finding a drug store in a foreign city.

8) Infants

If you have an infant baby, then keep lots of pampers and wet wipes.

9) Journey Problems

Journey problems
The plane ride is a big issue for kids. Being confined to limited space and being seated most of the time is hard enough for adults, so yes it is way harder for kids. During long haul flights, Benadryl can help the kids sleep. For the time they are awake, keep them occupied. Pack card games, story and coloring books for them.

10) Travel Insurance Plan

Travel Insurance Plan
This is not a compulsion or something that is necessary but it is definitely recommended in our list of family travel tips. If you get travel insurance, medical expenses will be covered and if something goes wrong with your flight, the insurance company will cover the cost.

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