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Top Airlines for First Class

By: Maya Jacobs

 First Class

You simply cannot beat the experience of traveling in First class. No hassle, no stress and most importantly no discomfort. First class cabins give you privacy, comfort and luxurious surroundings. All airlines have first class cabins, but as competition increases, some have become nicer than the others while some have deteriorated. Mentioned below are airlines that have top class first class cabins.

Singapore Airlines


Few can compete with the first class cabins of Singapore Airlines. The seats are well designed and the personal space around is quite spacious. The bed is wide, long and not to mention extremely comfortable. Lighting in the cabin is not too dark and not too bright. It is just perfect. For first class users, there is an exclusive variety of dishes and desserts. The meals are almost always cooked perfectly. There is rarely any complain regarding food on Singapore Airlines First class. Even the snacks are delicious and the finest coffee is served on the flight. Even in terms of entertainment, Singapore Airlines is excellent. First class cabins have a 24-inch LCD screen and for convenience, there is an in-seat power.



Slowly but surely, Emirates is fast becoming a favorite among passengers. First Class cabins on Emirates also extend privacy, comfort, and luxury. There is a mini bar in the first class section, the lights adjust to changing time zones and the seats are convertible into flat beds. Dining on first class cabins is excellent and is easily comparable to a five-star dining experience in a restaurant. The best part is that there are two onboard shower spas. Whenever you feel too stressed or are super tired, the spa will help you relax.

Etihad Airways


Etihad Airways first class is a wonderful experience. The first class lounges stand out. You can get spa treatments and immediately feel refreshed. The champagne bar offers an amazing collection of wines. The lounge also includes a cigar lounge if you wish to smoke. On the plane, first class cabins are spacious and classy. Delectable meals are served for lunch and dinner. For periods in between, there is a wide variety of snacks.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Meals are an essential part of any flight. If they aren’t good, the whole experience turns bad. Cathay Pacific has made its meals the airline’s strength and today it is popular for the quality of food served on first class. The delicious Chinese dishes are prepared with great care using fresh ingredients. Apart from the dining experience, the level of comfort and quality of other services are also good.

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