28 Aug

Top Five Destinations for Solo Traveling

By: Maya Jacobs

Destination for Solo Traveling

It is no longer considered odd or uncommon to go alone on trips. In fact, it is a fast increasing trend. You enjoy the freedom and discover the world on your own. Plus the cost remains affordable. Many single people save up for a year and then take a trip next year. With enough money saved up, you must pamper yourself and enjoy the holiday fully. Find discounted business class flights to any of the below of mentioned destinations and make many new, amazing memories. All these places are great for solo travelers.

1) Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland
The capital of Iceland has lots of offer for tourists and is a great destination for lone travelers. Visit the National Museum of Iceland for a lesson in history or visit Tjornin Lake to admire the beauty that Iceland offers. Probably the main highlight of the city is its diverse range of outdoor activities. Viking horse riding, Glacier hiking, and Ice climbing, the popular Golden Circle Tour by Super jeep and the fun Puffin Express Cruise are some of the most popular activities.

2) Costa Rica

Costa Rica
A holiday in Costa Rica is a very refreshing and wonderful experience. The country is home to beautiful Pacific Beaches. You can sit and relax at the beach or go rafting and surfing for the thrill. Either way, a good time is guaranteed. Other points of interest include Manuel Antonio National Park, Poas Volcano, Arena Volcano, Corcovado National Park, and La Fortuna Waterfall.

3) Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei is well known for the convenience it offers to tourists. The locals are helpful, transportation around the city is easy and the crime rate is low, so roaming alone at night should not be a problem. In Taipei, there are many fun night markets and the city has a rich culture that is fascinating to explore. Hiking is also quite famous in Taipei.

4) Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada
You need no company in Toronto. The time passes in a blur when you are in this exotic and dynamic city. From Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto Islands, Don River, Fort York, Centreville Amusement Park to Kingston Market and classy restaurants, Canada is the perfect destination for solo traveling.

5) Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
In just a short time period, the capital city of Ireland has become a top place to visit in Europe. The food is amazing, the weather is perfect and the attractions are endless. Plus distances are not too long, so you can easily cycle around or use public transport.

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