5 Jul

Tourist Scams You Need To Avoid This Summer

By: Michael Schoenberger

tourist scams

The summer travel package comes with a lot of surprises and shocks. With all the adventures and amazing happenings, tourist scams are also unfortunately part of this package. A lot of travelers become victims of it every year. These scammers make billions of money each year because a lot of vulnerable travelers fall under their trap. Wouldn’t you want to avoid this misery this summer? No worries! We have the perfect tips that would help you to survive your international trips and stay away from any potential scams.

1. The Call in the Middle of the Night

Scammers know when exactly the ideal time to trap the travelers is. One of them is in the middle of the night, when you are deep asleep. If you are staying in a hotel and get a call late at night by the hotel reception, don’t be in a haste to reveal your precious details. Typically, the person calling from the so-called reception would want to verify your credit card details in order to update your bookings. If you want to quickly end that phone call, you might end up giving your details and that is that! By the time you wake up, the damage would have been done already.

Most of the times, it is absolutely in your control to guard your private details. Be very cautious when you are in a distant land. Even with it comes to revealing the most basic details, inquire on your part even if that actually sounds like the guy at the hotel reception.

2. Hotel Reservation Tourist Scam

Hotel Reservation Tourist Scam

Hotel bookings have become a lot easier. You don’t have to really consult a travel agent in today’s times. Self help is the latest trend. Your tablets, smartphones and laptops are just enough to get the bookings done. Payments can be made instantly so the process is even swifter. But is it really safe? Not really, and you need to think a lot about this.

Millions of travelers fall victim to this vicious crime. It’s very easy to set up a booking site for a particular hotel and a lot of scammers are expert at doing this. Typically, they would set up a fake website with all the amazing photos of the hotels and deals you wouldn’t want to miss. It looks so appealing to the eye that you wouldn’t want to even wait to verify the details. You merrily make the payment online and arrive all set to enjoy your dream holiday. What next? The hotel has no records of your bookings!

Yes, that was all fake. Ensure that when it comes to making payments, you are doing it through the official websites and no third parties that aren’t verified.

3. The Sweet Talk of the Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers are experts when it comes to dealing with tourists. They know them inside out, and also know exactly how they would react to a range of situations. When you are new to a destination, you wish to feel comfortable by connecting with the locals. Many times, this will be the taxi drivers who will tell you all about the destination, the best places to hang out and sometimes the secrets you wished to have always know. Yes, they might be too sweet at times! This is where you have to stay cautious. Now I’m certainly not saying that all of them will be like this, but a lot of travelers experience this on their holidays.

These taxi drivers would take the longest possible route to your destination. Since you don’t know the routes yourself, you trust them and think it’s completely fine. This way, you are charged a lot more. Sweet talk can cost you a lot at times. Ensure you know your destination routes and the typical charges. If you think you won’t be able to do that, it is best to stick to the public transportation.

4. Packed Trains

Packed Trains

If you happen to visit during the peak travel times, you need to be ultra careful because this is the time these scammers will take advantage of the never ending crowds. This is particularly true for packed trains where everyone sticks to each other and you barely get any room to breathe.

Scammers absolutely love those over packed public transport. When you travel during peak times, it is best to zip up all your personal belongings securely and keep them right in front of you. Remember to not keep anything at the back pocket of your jeans! Precaution is definitely the best cure to stay away from these tourist scams.

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