6 Aug

Travel to Singapore: A Tourist’s Heaven

By: Maya Jacobs

Travel to Singapore
Singapore, the popular island country in South East Asia, is said to be a tourist’s heaven. No one can really disagree with this. The country has all the right ingredients to be a perfect holiday destination. From fancy restaurants, friendly people, resorts, clubs, malls, parks to natural beauty and clean environment, Singapore has it all. So if you are planning to go abroad for a vacation, think no further. Singapore is the place for you. Here is what you should do. Find a friend willing to go with you because exploring Singapore is definitely more fun with a friend. Then book two Singapore Airlines Business class tickets through luxurious Singapore airline and make a room reservation in the heart of the country. And that’s really it. You are good to go. For all those who are planning to make a trip to this amazing country, following are some fun things that you can do whilst you are there.

Travel to Singapore – Spend a Day at the Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens
The Singapore botanic garden is a 183 acre land that features a diverse variety of plants, flowers and trees. The lush manicured lawns are a perfect place for a picnic. The Garden is divided into different areas with each area showing a different kind of setup. Jacob Ballas children’s garden, the evolution garden and the ginger garden are some of the nicest places to visit while you are here. The garden is also home to three beautiful lakes.

Discover the Wild Side of Singapore in the Darkness of Night

Singapore zoo
Take the night safari at the first nocturnal zoo of the world. This zoo houses over 2000 animals, some of which are vulnerable to endangerment in the near future. The place is divided into geographical zones. Each zone has been developed to match the natural surroundings of the animals that it houses. If you don’t like animals, then you can always enjoy the blowpipe demonstrations, fire eating displays and exciting tribal dances.

Travel to Singapore – Universal Studios

Universal studios

A visit to Singapore is not complete unless you visit the Universal studios. Located on Sentosa Island, this theme park is a major tourist attraction. It is divided into themed zones. All zones are equally unique and exciting. Get lost in the ‘Lost world’ zone which features the Jurassic Park and water world or discovers New York City by visiting the ‘New York’ zone. The park features dueling roller coasters which is a must try ride. Apart from the rides and zones, the resort has a lot of eating options too.

Travel to Singapore – Be Fascinated at the National Museum

National Museum
What kind of tourist skips visiting the museum? The national museum of Singapore is a must visit destination. Housed in a majestic white building, the museum is the oldest museum in the country. It displays a vast collection of historical artifacts as well as zoological items.

Visit Chinatown

Singapore Chinatown
Make a trip down to Chinatown and view the traditional Chinese styled buildings. Don’t forget to try the local food at the Chinatown Seafood restaurant!

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