30 Jun

United Airlines Business Class Flights Experience

By: Maya Jacobs

United Airlines business class
When I say that I am not a big fan of traveling, I am not exaggerating. In fact, I may have used less suitable wording to express my displeasure of traveling via the air. It is not that I am afraid of flying. I just dread the journey because of exhaustion and fatigue. Headaches, hunger, leg cramps, sleep deprivation and stiffs back are a common occurring after long haul flights. I know that it doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone and certainly, all these problems don’t occur altogether. But all this is behind me now. I have found a way to avoid most of the hassle and issues relating to air travel. Last month, my office asked me to visit a client in Singapore. As always, I was nervous about the long journey. But it turns out that I was worrying for no reason. My office had booked for my colleague and me a United Airlines business class ticket.

Airlines business class ticket
United Airlines Business Class flights are a whole new experience for frequent travelers like me. Whether it was the delicious meal, the comfortable seating, the hassle-free check-in or the courteous staff, united airlines business class left a remarkable impression on me. The airport process for users of united airlines business class flights is quite easy. The premier access check-in, baggage handling and boarding was a quick and smooth process. Seating on the united airlines business class flights is excellent. My seat was quite spacious and it had a generous leg area in the front. The spaciousness and thick cushioning on the seats made sure that the journey was passed comfortably. I had the privilege of having a large pillow, a soft duvet and a blanket. For a good nap, my seat had the ability to recline. It was magically made into a flatbed. The amenity kit given to me contained a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a few skin care products, eye shades and ear plugs.

entertainment in united airlines
During the journey, one can clearly see that united airlines business class flights provide better entertainment than many airlines. I had access to audio entertainment. For this, I was provided free of charge headsets. There was a magazine available. Furthermore, I had my own personal screen. It took me at least 10 minutes to choose a movie from the wide range available. But despite all this, I believe entertainment is one area that united airlines can improve.

united airlines
Thankfully, the dining experience on united airlines business class was as good as everything else. There was a pre departure beverage service and throughout the journey all passengers were provided complimentary drinks including beer, champagne, coffee, fizzy drinks, tea and juices. My meal was delicious and for the first time I actually enjoyed eating on the plane. I landed in Singapore fully rested and relaxed. Compared to other airlines that I have used, united airlines business class has got to be the best one so far. Maybe I will find an even better one in the future. Till then united airlines is going to be my favorite airline for business class traveling.

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