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Last-minute reservations are for travelers who need to book a flight 1 day to 14 days in advance.

Sometimes, you can't make travel plans in advance

Palne Image "When my clients want to see me, they don't mean next week. They expect me on a plane the very next day."
Palne Image "When we travel for vacation, we always plan ahead. But when our family calls and needs to see us right away, we don't have that luxury."

Last-minute traveling shouldn't come with a premium

Not every trip can be planned in advance. Sometimes life gets in the way, and you need to book a flight at the last minute.
An urgent client meeting. A family emergency. Whatever the reason, you can't always predict when you might need to hop on a plane.
Many airlines and travel agents will want to charge a premium for last-minute reservations.
That won't be necessary here. In fact, not only will you not be charged a premium, we'll actually give you a discount.
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It's easy to find discount tickets for business class travel. It's everywhere.
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All discounted rates even for last-minute reservations.
And we have those on all major airlines.

Discount pricing, yes ... but you still get all the features you've come to expect

We're offering you discounted "last-minute" airline reservations, but that doesn't mean we're taking any shortcuts when it comes to service.
Here's what you can expect when you make any reservation through Business World Travel ...

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