24 Feb

This Is Your Chance To Fly Around The World In $863

By: Maya Jacobs

fly around the world in $863
Would you like to travel all over the world and see the wonders it has to offer? Now it is possible with Airfare Spot. You can book an amazing around the world holiday for just $863. Yes, it’s possible to fly around the world in $863.
For those who are willing to take on this adventure of a life time have to be ready to leave on June 5. The flight departs from New York metro area to Paris. The overnight flight costs just about $200, and there is also a short lay over Reykjavik.

Eiffel Tower
1. You’ll have two days to tick off things from your Paris itinerary. You know the usual touristy things like see the Eiffel Tower, munch on macaroons and say hi to Mona at the Louvre. After your dreamy stay in Paris, your next stop is going to be Dubai which costs only $132. The flight is for 32 hours, but before you start back tracking at the thought of such a long flight, you’ll be happy to know there is a two-hour stopover at Istanbul. If you want to skip Istanbul, you can pay $145 more and get a 13-hour direct flight. We, however, recommend the longer flight, because you’ll get a chance to visit Turkey even if it’s a very, very short visit.

indoor theme park
2. Dubai has so much to offer; you can explore the world’s largest indoor theme park, learn to Ski at Ski Dubai, or go shopping in the biggest mall on earth, the Dubai Mall. The adventures in Dubai never end. It is the epitome of modern day charm.

3. After Dubai, on June 12, travellers will then take a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The ticket costs $223 from Dubai to Malaysia. This, like Dubai, is another city filled with glittering lights and skyscrapers. Be sure to check the view from the 86 story Petronas Towers.
Once you’re done prowling the busy streets of Malaysia your next flight will be back to New York for an affordable $308. We have another sneaky little stopover for you so you can squeeze in another country. Your stopover will be in Manila, Philippines. You will have almost an entire day for sightseeing and picking up souvenirs.

4. By now you would have visited five cities, not including New York all under $1000! This is perfect for people who have the wanderlust bug. This is your chance to travel and see a large chunk of the world all under $1000. Obviously, this dreamy trip has it’s quirks as well. Be warned that you’ll have to travel light because you’ll be travelling in low budget carriers like IndiGo Airlines and Pegasus. Try to stick to a light, versatile suitcase. Also, try to keep your shopping to a minimum and focus more on sightseeing. Your aim is to explore the world, right? Then this is your chance and it comes at a very decent price point.